What foods have enriched wheat in them?

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* Bulgur wheat * Couscous * Flour, including cake and pastry,

durum, gluten, graham, wheat flour, whole wheat flour * Hydrolyzed

vegetable protein (HVP) or texturized vegetable protein (TVP) *

Semolina * Wheat bran * Wheat germ * Wheat starch Note:

Buckwheat is not wheat. It's listed below in Best Bets. These foods

may include wheat. Use with caution, if at all, and read the label

carefully: * Baked beans * Baking powder (some) * Biscuits *

Bouillon cubes and extracts * Bread crumbs * Breaded foods * Breads

* Cakes, pastries, or cookies (commercial or prepared) * Canned

fish * Cheese sauces or spreads (unless known to be wheat-free) *

Cloudy lemonade and ginger beer (some) * Commercially prepared

fruit pie fillings and jams * Commercially prepared gravies, salad

dressings, sauces, or condiments containing wheat flour *

Commercially prepared mustard * Crackers * Creamed or scalloped

potatoes (unless thickened with cornstarch) * Creamed or scalloped

vegetables (if thickened with flour or topped with bread crumbs) *

Creamed products * Egg dishes thickened with flour * Luncheon meats

* Malted milk and drinks * Meat and poultry containing flour * Meat

tenderizers (if made from monosodium glutamate [MSG]) * Muffins *

Mustard powder (some) * Pancakes * Pasta noodles * Pre-molded

hamburgers * Pretzels * Pudding (commercial or homemade, thickened

with wheat flour) * Rolls * Sauce and gravy mixes * Sausage (unless

they are pure meat) * Soups containing commercially prepared

noodles, macaroni, or spaghetti * Soup mixes and bases * Soy sauce,

Tamari (unless wheat-free) * Stewed fruits thickened with flour *

Sweets dusted with wheat flour to prevent them from sticking *

Tomato sauces * Waffles * Wieners

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