What foods have iron in it?

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Pork Liver


Chicken Liver


Beef Liver





Enriched breakfast cereals

Cooked beans and lentils

Pumpkin seeds

Blackstrap Molasses

Canned beans

Baked potato with skin

Enriched pasta

Canned asparagus

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Q: What foods have iron in it?
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Related questions

How can determine iron contect in foods?

The foods that have iron in them are peas,spinach and red meats.

What are the foods that are rich in iron?

Foods rich in iron include liver, meat, tofu, iron enriched cereals, eggs, and nuts.

Zinc and iron from foods?

Well, you weren't very clear on what the question was, but zinc and iron are found in foods. There is lots of iron in cornflakes.

What are some foods that have a lot of iron?

Foods that are rich in iron are foods such as potato, eggs, milk, cheese, there are several other things that are rich in iron such as butter, vitamins and other things.

What foods have emulsifiers in them and what are they?

foods like iron example cereal

How much iron in the iron rich foods?

it depends on the food

Foods that have iron?

Liver is particularly rich in iron. Meat in general is a source of iron.

How can you replenish your low iron?

iron pills. or foods high in iron like broccoli.

What are the best foods for those with anemia?

Iron enriched foods are best for people who suffer from anemia. Some foods that are high in iron are broccoli, spinach, and liver.

Which foods decrease the absorption of iron?

The foods which decrease iron absorption are some soy-based foods, calcium foods, beverages containing caffeine and tannin (do not take within 2 hours of taking iron). Do not use allspice and bayberry spices.

What foods are considered to be high in iron?

Some foods high in iron would be clams, mussels, oysters,liver,squash, and nuts. If you need iron you can also get iron supplements but be careful of constipation iron causes.

What foods do you eat to prevent hematocrit?

What foods are good source of iron

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