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What foods were eaten in colonial Rhode Island?

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mostly grits.

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What foods are from Rhode Island?


What foods were eaten at colonial weddings?

There were a variety of foods eaten at Colonial weddings. The most expensive and best foods were served to guests over the course of two or three days. There were meats, vegetables, side dishes, and wedding cake.

What colonial foods were eaten in the Revolutionary War?

your moms casorole (it was good)

What are some known foods in Rhode Island?

snail salad

What did Rhode Island trade?

Rhode Island traded rum, mollases, fish, and sugar. They traded sweets and exported foods to other countries.

What fast foods does Delaware have that Rhode Island doesnt have?

Wawa's and Scraple

What types of foods were eaten in colonial New York?

Answerpumpkin pie and fish and turtles

What foods where grown and eaten in colonial Connecticut?

Corn, pumpkin, squash, and beans were some of the crops grown and eaten in Colonial Connecticut. They also ate a variety of seafood and turkey meat.

Special foods Rhode Island?

Some special foods that those in Rhode Island enjoy include quahogs, clam cakes, and a variety of other seafood dishes. Rhode Islanders also enough coffee milk, frozen lemonade, and wieners with meat sauce.

Other than apple pie what other foods were eaten in Rhode Island?

Many Rhode Islanders are devoted to International cuisine and can be found at Taco Bell or Pizza hut while other prefer traditional American Cuisine and can be found at the local McDonalds.

What did people eat in colonial Rhode Island?

Before they could get their farms operational they ate Native American foods like corn, beans and squash supplemented by domestic livestock, game and the ocean's bounty.

What were the Rhode Island colonies foods?

corn, pig, squash, and anything alse they could find.

What are some popular foods in Rhode Island?

One of the most popular types of food items in Rhode Island is seafood. Other popular items include cheese, apples and clam chowder.

What are some foods rhode island people eat?

they mostly like roasted squid or the corn dogs .

What foods were eaten on the boat to Ellis Island?

chicken nuggets and french fries with imported ketchup.

How did the people in Rhode Island make money through the 1600s - 1700s?

People in Rhode Island made money by trading(trading ports where the ships sailed to different places for foods,spices,cotton)and many factories that manufactured these ships,clothing/materials,and processed the foods.

What food did they eat in colonial Delaware?

In Colonial Delaware foods that could be gathered, grown, and hunted were eaten. They ate vegetables, berries, and nuts. They also ate deer, squirrel, and fish.

Where can I buy diabetic foods in Rhode Island?

You can find local diabetic foods and recipes for Rhode Island at Dave's Marketplace ( also provides recipes suitable for diabetic people, which would mean you could buy most of your food from regular supermarkets.

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