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What foods were rationed?

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Unfortunately, subway Sandwiches had to be rationed. this made chubway A VERY ANGRY BOY. After 1 day without a precious subway, chubway started a rampage where he eat a world record 391 12" Meatball Marinara snadwiches and burned down every bakery in London. this was also known as the great fire of London

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What foods were not rationed?


Which foods were rationed?

On 8 January 1940, bacon, butter and sugar were rationed.

What food can be rationed?

all foods

Why were some foods rationed?

they were rationed because the foods were being brought into Britain by boat and the boats were being sunk by German U-boats.

What food was rationed in WW2?

Most foods were rationed; Vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, sugar, etc.

What were the first foods to be rationed?

Sugar was among the first food to be rationed. Others were canned fruits and vegetables.

Name 4 foods that were rationed?

human balls

Was food rationed in World War 1?

During World War I, food was rationed to prevent food shortages and hoarding of food. Foods that were rationed were sugar, meat, butter, cheese and margarine. Ration cards were issued and people had to register with their butcher and grocer to purchase these foods.

What foods weren't rationed during the war?

sausage hotdogs and burgers

What foods was not rationed in world war 2?


What foods were not rationed in ww11?

carrots, swede, potatoes, tomatoes, etc

What foods weren't rationed?

cough sweets,Fruit andVegIn the UK, only figs (Fig Newtons) and locally grown produce was not officially rationed.

What foods were not rationed during world war 2?


What items were rationed during WW2?

In Britain, a large number of foods and other items were rationed. In the US, dairy products such as eggs, milk, and butter were rationed. One result was the wider use of margarine. Similarly, coffee was rationed, leading to a number of substitutes of varying acceptability.

Was bread rationed during world war 2?

Yes all the time, many tinned, dry and jared foods were rationed this included bread stale or not

What four foods were rationed during the World War 2?

bacon, butter, sugar, meat

What was rationed during World War 2 in the US?

Many items and foods were rationed in World War 2, including gasoline, tires, oil, sugar, butter, meat and coffee.

Why was food rationed or limited during the American Revolution?

Like during any war, food and materials are rationed in order to give the food to the troops and soldiers. Foods, like fruits, meats, veggies, and foods with a long shelf life will be given to the "war effort".

What food was still rationed in 1948?

Many food items were still rationed in 1948, which was three years after the war. Rationed foods during 1948 include bacon, ham, cheese, butter, milk, chocolates, sweets, sugar, cooking fats, tea, eggs, preserves, and meat. Potatoes, bread, and bananas were also still rationed in 1948.

Which food was not rationed during the war but was rationed later?

In Britain bread not rationed in World War 2, but was rationed in 1946.

What happend in history today 4th of May?

On May 4, 1942, the United States rationed their first foods.

What sorts of things were rationed?

certain foods, such a coffee, rubber products, such as tires, aluminum and metal products, gasoline, silk

Was fish rationed during world war2?

Fresh fish was not rationed Fresh fish was not rationed

What foods were rationed during World War 2?

Lots. Chocolate, poultry, butter were among the many. Think of it as what foods are exported from other countries, after-all it were them ships that were being bombed.

What were popular foods in the 1940's?

well food was rationed from 1942 -1947 so people were encouraged to plant their own gardens. Foods like meat, coffee, sugar were all rationed so you had to make due with alternative recipes and be a bit creative. People ate things like cabbage or radish sandwiches.