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The answer is yes. People give Thanksgiving feast's.

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What are 5 foods that the Pilgrims possibly had on the first Thanksgiving?

There are no records mentioning any foods for the 1621 Thanksgiving feast other than venison (deer meet) and fowl. Some believe they probably also had seafood such as lobster and cod, and swan, duck, and turkey meat. The feast would have had more meats than vegetables, which were less bountiful, but the vegetables served would probably have been pumpkins, turnips, peas, onion, and beans. It is likely they also had fruits; possibly plums and grapes. It is doubtful they had sweet desserts, as more than likely, their supplies of sugar brought over with them would have been gone by the time the feast was held. There are some records of the first Thanksgiving celebration that it was a three-day event.

What did the first Thanksgiving meal consist of?

NOT Turkey!! and I'm not joking!! Other foods probably included corn, deer, eggs, squash, spices, tomatoes, and seafood.Here is more:While it could be true that turkey was not served at the first Thanksgiving, it may have been. What is known is the pilgrims went on fowl hunt and brought back some type of fowl and the Indians brought deer. They would have served different types of vegetables, but they would not have had pumpkin pie and other desserts. Pumpkin at that time, would have been served as a vegetable.For more information about what foods were served at the first Thanksgiving, see the Related Question.

On Thanksgiving what did the pilgrims do?

They would have hunted for a Wilkd Turkey, Get grains or anything grown from the ground to eat. They would have had a feast.

How would you describe Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks. It was a moment of thankfulness started by the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. To commemorate the first feast Americans still celebrate Thanksgiving today.

Why do you eat cranberries at Thanksgiving?

People eat cranberries at Thanksgiving because they are a food that would have been served at the first Thanksgiving, which is commemorated on Thanksgiving Day each November. The early settlers would have used cranberries to preserve their meat.

Is food recreational?

Some foods can be considered recreational. Examples would be snack foods, appetizers, foods served at a party, foods served at a picnic, grilling, or otherwise eating outdoors.

Did the pilgrims have a feast to celebrate the first thanksgiving?

Yes, you would imagined that danced, partied and ate well.

Food served at capulets party?

What types of food would the capulets servr at their feast?

What kind of food would you eat at a potlach?

A potlatch was a Native American gathering. It was a huge feast. There would be a variety of foods to eat. Meat such as buffalo, deer, and moose would be served. Vegetables and other crops would also be served. The most important thing about food at a potlatch was to ensure that there was so much food that it would not all be finished.

How would you design a menu for a Viking feast?

To design a menu for a Viking feast:If you do not already know what foods Vikings ate, research to find out what the foods are and how they were prepared.Choose foods and preparation methods from the research you did.Prepare your menu using those foods and methods of preparation.

What kinds of foods were served in school cafeterias in 1950s?

Foods served in school cafeterias in the 1950s were low cost. This may include instant foods such as potatoes or pasta. Spoiled foods may have also been served because it would cost too much to buy more.

A popular root vegetable that would not have been served at the first thanksgiving?

I do not know. ACTUALLY! The answer to your question is yam.

What foods were served at the first Thanksgiving?

Little is actually known about the foods that were served at the first Thanksgiving. We have only one written account from an eyewitness, a letter Edward Winslow wrote to a friend in England. From that, we know that the Indians brought five deer and the pilgrims hunted fowl for the feast.The rest is pieced together from what is known about foods that were available at that time.Foods that were served at the first Thanksgiving are thought to have been:FishLobstersEelMusselsOystersCornParsnipsCollardsTurnipsSpinachOnionsDried BeansDried BlueberriesGrapesNutspumpkinsquashwild fowldeerFoods that would not have been served at the first Thanksgiving are:Turkey, though it was often eaten by the Wampanoag and pilgrims and it is known from Winslow's letter that wild fowl was served, turkey is not mentioned specifically. The wild fowl may or may not have been turkey.Popcorn, though corn was abundant, it was not popped.Cranberry Sauce, though they would add cranberries to recipes for tartness, cranberry sauce did not appear until the 1670s.Potatoes, white potatoes were virtually unknown in England at the time of the first Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoes were imported to England from Spain and were used only by the ultra wealthy.Pumpkin Pie - At the time of the feast, there were no ingredients available to make the crust. Pumpkin and squash would have been served as vegetables only.Apples - Apples were not present in 1621 in Plymouth.Since a letter written by Edward Winslow to a friend in England is the only eyewitness account of the first Thanksgiving, little is known for sure about the foods eaten. From his letter, we know that the Native Americans brought five deer and the pilgrims hunted wild fowl. Other foods that are likely to have been eaten are:FishLobstersEelMusselsOystersCornParsnipsCollardsTurnipsSpinachOnionsDried BeansDried BlueberriesGrapesNutspumpkinsquashdeerThe Pilgrims didn't have ovens so there were very few sweets such as cakes or pies, but they did have bread which they cooked on flat stones over a fire. The main course of the pilgrims' food was meat such as venison, turkey, pigs, and chicken. There were also some sea food like lobsters and eels. Other than that there was corn, cranberrys, potatos, carrots, and mabe some wild black berries. There were no potatoes served.Food eaten at the first Thanksgiving included wild game like deer, fowl (not necessarily turkey), fish, lobster and vegetables, like corn, that were harvested from their crops. Though desserts are served today, it is not likely that they had them at the first Thanksgiving.fish

Was venison a part of the Thanksgiving in 1621?

According to an internet search, venison was part of the feast. That would be logical since deer would be harvested as a food source.

What foods cause a tongue to hurt?

Any spicy foods, hot foods (served hot), anything that would involve a lot of chewing to eat.

What was the purpose of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving, (hence the name "giving" "thanks"- "Thanksgiving") is a day giving thanks for all the blessings of the year. Originally celebrated by pilgrims and Indians, the day was celebrated with a large harvest feast. They would sing and dance in celebration of all they had recieved.

What drinks would be served to the adults at an Elizabethan feast?

Cider, Beer, Wine ,Water,Ale and lots more things!

Why would the pilgrims never have thought of their own harvest feast as a thanksgiving?

I donโ€™t know Iโ€™m on this site so you guys tell me the answer ๐Ÿ˜‚

What are liquid foods that are usually served hot?

Liquid foods that are served hot would include:brothssoupsgraviesHot beverages could include:teacoffeecocoahot chocolate

Thanksgiving Catering?

form_title=Thanksgiving Catering form_header=Celebrate the day of thanks with help from a catering expert! How many guests will attend the Thanksgiving meal?=_ Where will the meal be served?= {(),Your Home,Outside Venue,Commercial Kitchen} Would you like a traditional Thanksgiving meal?= () Yes () No () Not Sure If you would like a non-traditional meal, please explain.=_

Was there pumpkin pie at the first Thanksgiving?

It is not known whether pumpkin pie was served at the first Thanksgiving, but it is not likely, The pilgrims would have run out of or been very low on the sugar and flour necessary to make them and very likely would have no way to bake them.

How do you prepare a feast?

A feast would be defined as a meal which has a great abundance and variety of food. To prepare a feast, buy lots of ingredients and make them into abundant and varied dishes. This is traditionally done for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. But even if you just buy a lot of pizza, with various different toppings, you can still have something that resembles a feast. As long as the diners feel that they have been richly and abundantly fed, the meal will qualify as a feast.

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