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Jeff garcia wore it for awile so did mcnabb

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george rogers - saints, todd Scott - vikings

Pro Football Hall of Famer Bobby Mitchell wore #49 for the Browns and Redskins between 1958-1968.

One of the more memorable NFL players who wore number 46 was Tim McDonald. He was a defensive back who played for San Francisco and St. Louis.

Jake delhomme jk lol he blows umm what about Mike Wallace! :P

Tony Richardson - Fullback

Reggie white Micheal strahan

The Nigerian Nighmare Christian Okoye

Michael Griffin from the Tennessee Titans.

Cam Newton And Warren Moon

Ronnie Lott, Charley Taylor, Paul Warfield, Sid Luckman, Leo Nomellini are all NFL hall of fame members who wore the #42.

There are 16 Mexican football players in the NFL.

Mike Sellers From The Washington Redskins

L.C. Greenwood of the Steel Curtain

Hall of Fame halfback Doak Walker

At least two hall of Famers Steve Largent Jerry Rice

No. Not all college football players go to the NFL, not even all division 3 college football players go into the NFL

nfl number 24 reciever never caught ball entire career, killed by police

Eric Dickerson, Joseph Addai, Chester Taylor.

If you are talking about American football, then yes, although in the NFL no two players on a team can have the same number, and in the NCAA no two players on a team can play in a play together if they have the same number.

I can think of two. Randy Moss wore number 84 with the Minnesota Vikings, now with the Patriots. And the best to ever wear 84 was Shannon Sharpe, who played the majority of his NFL career with the Denver Broncos.

Lee Roy Jordan, Junior Seau!!

Troy Vincent is one NFL player who wore the number 23 on his jersey. Other players who wore number 23 include Reggie Bush, Mark Barren, Jack Larscheid, Hank Rivera, Bo Dickenson, Rod Sherman, Charlie Smith, and Tracy Porter.

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