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What football card is worth the most?

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The Bronco Nagurski- 1935 National Chicle SCG 96 card worth $240,000.

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How much is a sign autograph football card worth?

Depends on what card it is and who signed it. Typically the more rare the card is the more it's worth.

How much is a Micheal Cobb football card signed worth?

i have a Michael Cobb football card signed what is it worth

Most expensive football cards?

The 1948 Sammy Baugh card is the most expensive football card known. The BOOK says a top notch one is worth a whopping $500.000.

What is the value of a Walter Payton masterpieces card?

Most of the football cards are worth a price between $5 and $10. If the card is autographed, it will be worth much more.

How much is the football card Mark Murphy worth?

how much is marc murphy football card worth green bay packers

How much is Jim Lynch football card worth?

How much is a Jim lynch card worth

How much is a Deion Sanders football card worth?

Worth $0.01.

How much is a 1991 Robert Brown football card worth?

How much is Robert brown football cards worth

What is the most expensive 1990 football card?

Emmitt Smith cards are worth the most for that year. The Score and Fleer Update cards are worth the most. $20-$30 each roughly.

What is value of reggie white football card topps 490?

How much is reggie jackson for 490 football card worth

Price for Ken Norton 1992 football card?

Most if not all are worth less than 15 cents.

Is a Chicago cardinals football card worth anything?

Yes most of them are made by Bowman and were produced in the 1950's.

How much is an autographed robin earl card worth?

Robin Earl was a professional football player who played in the National Football League. His autographed card is worth $25 as of 2013.

What is a Walter Payton football card worth It is a 1979 Topps Chewing gum card in mint condition.?

If you phrase it's like that most likely garbage

How much is a Troy Aikman football card worth?


How much is a Gary Anderson football card worth?


How much is a Hines Ward football card worth?


How much is Cris Carter football card worth?


How much is a Bo Jackson football card worth?


How much is a andre johnson football card worth?


How much is a John Elway Football card worth?

The worth of a John Elway football card depends on the card, the year, the amount of cards made and other factors. They are ranging in price from 40 dollars way up into the thousands for one card.

Is a dean biasucci football card from from the colts in 1994 worth anything?

This common card is worth less than 10 cents.

What is the value of a Champ Bailey Rookie football card?

champ baileys rookie football card should be worth ten million dollars

How can you find out how much your football card is worth?

what i do is go to a card shop and ask it always works! ;)

What is the most expensive Favre card?

its his first football card