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Ganaton is been taken for indication like Functional Dyspepsia, GERD and Gastropearsis problems.

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Has taken or has took?

has taken....he has taken...I have taken (not I has taken)

Is taken an adjective?

It can be (e.g. the path taken, the seat is taken). It is also the past participle of "to take" and can be part of some tenses (I have taken, they had taken, it will be taken).

Which is correct have taken or has taken?

it is both. the teacher has taken my homework. and, i have taken my medicine today.

When do you use took or taken in a sentence?

TOOK is only used for the simple past tense of to take(e.g. "He took the ruler from the desk.")TAKEN is the participle form, used in these tenses :Present perfect ("He has taken the ruler.")Present passive tenses ("It is taken." "It is being taken." "It has been taken.")Past perfect ("He had taken the ruler before.")Past passive tenses ("It was taken." "It was being taken." "It had been taken.")Future perfect ("By tomorrow, he will have taken the ruler.")Future passive tenses ("It will be taken." "It will be taken." "It will have been taken.")(The participle form can be used as an adjective, e.g. "That seat is taken.")

What is the present perfect tense of take?

have/has taken The boys have taken their bikes to the park. He has taken the bus to Wainuiomata.

What is The past tense of the verb to take?

I took, I have taken, he has taken. we've taken.

Can cialis be taken while on warforen?

can cialis be taken while warfaein is being taken

How do you use taken in a sentence?

Here are some examples of the word taken in a sentence: She had her picture taken for the yearbook. Who could have taken my car keys? How many college credits have you taken so far?

Where are potographs taken?

photographs are taken from a camera!!

What is Oxygen taken in by what?

its taken in bye by blood

Is Greyson Chance Taken?

yup, he is taken

Where in Afghanistan can you have a photo taken for a passport or a visa?

You can have your photo taken by a street photographer. Or you can have photos taken in Kandahar.

Is it taken for granite?

The expression is "taken for granted." People say "taken for granite" when they're trying to be funny.

When were the first images of Mars taken?

The first picture taken of mars was on it was taken on July 20, 1976.

What is post secondary courses?

Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.

When you have your tonsiles are taken out can you smoke?

No you can not smoke when you get your tonsils taken out.

What can not be taken away?

hope can not be taken, it can only be given

How long should antibiotics be taken?

it can be taken for a week

Can Zyrtec be taken with coumadin?

Zyrtec can be taken with coumadin.

What is taken?

depending on what you mean... when you are in a relationship and you have a boyfriend.. you are taken

What antihistamines can be taken with Zoloft?

can zyrtec be taken with zoloft

What is the duration of Taken Out?

The duration of Taken Out is 1800.0 seconds.

Can panamax be taken with Zyrtec?

can panamax be taken with zyrtex

Why was Tutankhamen taken to ancient Egypt?

He was not taken there, he was Egyptian.

Can ciprofloxacin be taken with an Aleve?

Can cipro be taken with aleve

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