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5 pounds of pressure

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Q: What force is required to break skin with a pointed object such as a blunt samurai that still has a point or a fork?
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In Canada is there a 1965 blunt penny?

Yes. You can tell the difference between a pointed and blunt five because the top of the number is kind of blunt or pointed (if that's not confusing enough :) ). 1965 blunt pennies are worth considerably less than pointed pennies (17 cents in uncirculated condition).

Are these words antonyms or synonyms blunt pointed?


Does high speed increase sharpness of an blunt object?

No. A blunt object will be blunt regardless of the speed it travels.

Is blunt and pointed synonyms or antonyms?


Are these words antonyms or synonyms blunt - pointed?


Why does a sharp pointed exert larger pressure than a blunt end?

The larger pointed exert larger pressure than ablunt end because the sharp end takes small than the blunt end.

How does a blunt object break your fall into water?

When water and air work together they create a barrier. All the blunt object does is breaks it before you hit it.

Where is the stern of the boat?

The stern of a boat is the back/blunt end. The bow is the front/pointed end

Which has more force a blunt stick or a pointed stick?

If the stick is just sitting there, it doesn't exert any force at all. If you're swinging the stick, the shape of the stick won't matter much; the force will be determined by the speed and mass of the stick. If you are poking with the stick, then the FORCE will be the same whether it is blunt or pointed - but a pointed stick will concentrate the force into a smaller AREA, so the force per area will be a lot higher with a sharp stick than with a blunt one.

Is it easier to skew a pointed needle or blended needel?

it is easier because the pointed needle is sharp so it is easier as it is difficult to sew with a blunt needle becose it is not sharp

Is a pointed end egg a male or female chicken egg has blunt and pointed ends that determine the sex of the egg?

I don't believe the shape of an egg can be used to determine its sex

Can the new pointed ammo for the 336 c be used instead of the blunt ammo?

You will have to contact Marlin to find out.

What is a thump in the face?

A blow with a blunt object to the face

What does it mean when a British person describes someone or something as blunt?

When a British person is describing someone as blunt, they are implying that the person is dull or the object is not sharp. For example: 'Joe is a blunt idiot!'. Or 'This knife is blunt!'.

What is blood force trauma?

The phrase would be blunt force trauma. An injury caused by the impact of a blunt object either by accident or design.

What is a sentence with the word blunt?

I smoked a blunt full of ganga.The bullet had a blunt nose.She answered bluntly "I'm just not interested in you".The man died of Blunt Force Truma.The knife was blunt.

What are threats to survival for cockroaches?

A shoe, or some other blunt object.

How do cigars called blunts compare to other types of cigars?

A blunt cigar is a cross between the standard corona and the smaller cigarillo. They differ from most cigars in having a blunt tip as opposed to the standard pointed roll. (Hence the name)

What is the difference between blunt and sharp force trauma?

sharp force trauma-Injuries caused by sharp implements,such as knives, axes, or ice picks. Significantly less force isneeded for a sharpened object to cut or pierce tissue thanwhat is required with a blunt object.andblunt force trauma-Injuries caused by dull or nonsharpenedobjects, like baseball bats, bricks, or lamps

What was the term 'butts' used for with the english longbow in medieval times?

A butt shaft was a blunt-pointed arrow without barbs.

Why it is easier to sew with a pointed needle than with a blunt needle?

because when there is less area pressure increases and when there is more area pressure decreases

What are the physical properties of scissors?

The physical properties of scissors is determined by the material they are made of and the style of the scissors. Some scissors are pointed and some have round, blunt ends.

In shaun of the dead what blunt object does david take from Liz's flat?

an umbrella

Why is it easier to hammer a sharply pointed nail into a piece of wood than a blunt one?

Pointed nails part the fiber of the timber. But ... this is exactly why you do not want to use sharp nails. The sharp nails push the fibers in the wood grain apart causing the wood to split along the grain. A blunt nail crushes through the fibers leaving the grain intact.

Are all projectiles bullet shaped with a blunt end and a pointed end?

In most cases, however some bullets have two blunt ends. Typically, the blunt end is inside the cartridge and the pointed end is the first end out of the gun barrel (the business end). Reversing this protocal, results in a blunt end-first bullet. Blunt end-first bullets were used in World War I by the Germans primarily to pierce the armor of the British Mark I tank and against French infantry. These bullets were usually modified in the field, and were generally frowned upon by German command. The soldier would reverse the bullet, placing the pointed end and more propellent (powder) into the cartridge. If the bullet failed to pierce the tank armor, it sprayed shrapnel killing tank occupents or surrounding infantry. German infantry did not like these types of bullets because they would damage the gun or cause injury to the soldier.