What force is responsible for radioactivity?

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What is the force that is responsible for the radioactivity that allows us to make nuclear power and atomic bombs?

There are two forces responsible for radioactivity: the Strong nuclear force and the Weak nuclear force.

What is a weak force?

A weak force is one of the fundamental forces of nature. Weak forces are responsible for radioactivity in certain items, which can cause cancer if not protected. It is also a force that is significant when atoms break apart.

Which fundamental force causes some forms of radioactivity?

weak nuclear force

What force will undergo radioactive decay?

Forces do not decay.However the forces responsible for radioactive decay are: Strong - alpha & gamma, Weak - beta.The electromagnetic and gravitational forces do not participate in radioactivity at all.

Why is radioactivity harmful to living cells?

Radioactivity directly damages the structural and functional unit of an organisms. It is responsible for gene mutation, and it leads to a very painful death.

Large nuclei are unstable because the nuclear force does what?

natural radioactivity

When large unstable nuclei split because the electric force is greater than the nuclear force is what?

Natural radioactivity.

What is the difference between strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force?

The strong nuclear force keeps the atomic nucleus together. Since protons all have the same charge they would repel one another and the nucleus would fly apart without the strong force. The weak force also acts on the atomic nucleus and is involved in radioactive decay and is responsible for radioactivity.

What is it called when nuclear force is greater than the electric force when large unstable nuclei split?

it is called natural radioactivity

What force is responsible for alpha decay?

Strong Nuclear Force is responsible for both Alpha and Fission decay. Weak Nuclear Force is responsible for Beta decay.

When large unstable nuclei split becuase the electric force is greater than the nuclear force this is called?

is it Nuclear physics, artificial transmutation, natural radioactivity, nucleus, or artificial radioactivity i think it is nuclear physics dont hold me accountable though

What is a force is responsible for a rivers capability to move sediments?

The force that is responsible for moving sediments in a river is the current.

What is the force responsible for radioactive decay?

the weak force

What nuclear force is responsible for beta emission?

The weak force

What force is responsible for attraction?


What is the force responsible for accretion?


What is the air force responsible for?


What force must be responsible to stick balloon on the wall?

Electrostatic force

Which fundamental force is responsible for elastic potential energy?

The electric force.

What is the weak force in nature?

the force responsible for radioactive beta decay

What forces are fundamental?

The four fundamental forces are fundamental:The electromagnetic force, electricity and magnetism.The gravitational force, gravity.The strong nuclear force, holds protons and neutrons together, or quarks together.The weak nuclear force, radioactivity.

What are two elements that produce background radiation on earth?

Uranium and Thorium; the third element is Potassium, all responsible for radioactivity in the environment.

Where was radioactivity was found?


How does radioactivity affect the water cycle?

Radioactivity affect the water molecules. Radioactivity makes it harmful

What is geological radioactivity?

rates used for radioactivity and radioactivity dating. Nuclear processes are not affected by chemisty.