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wind resistance


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Q: What force or forces would be acting upon a falling airplane?
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What force acts on a object?

The forces acting on a falling body are gravity and air resistance.

What two forces are acting on an object that is falling?

The force of gravity, which pulls it down; and friction forces, which pull it up.

How is force acting on a falling object?

1.a buoyant force acting on the body upwards due to air . 2.the weight of body acting downwards . this two forces acts.....

What are the forces on an airplane when it is still?

When an airplane is motionless on the tarmac, discounting any winds, there are two primary forces acting on it. First is the force of gravity pushing downwards, and secondly, there is the reactionary force pushing back upwards.

If balanced forces are acting on an object it will seem as if a net force is acting on the object?

If the forces are balanced this means that there is no net force acting

Earth's gravitational force will have the greatest effect on an airplane?

The gravitational force between the Earth and an airplane is greatest when the airplane is at the minimum possible altitude. Its effect on the airplane depends on how the gravitational force is related to the total system of forces on the aircraft, that is, what other forces are acting on it at the same time, whether it's climbing, diving, standing still on level ground, standing on sloped ground in a wind, etc.

What are the four forces acting on an airplane?

Lift Gravity Thrust Drag Lift is the lifting force that allows airplanes to fly, gravity is the force pulling it back down. Thrust is the force that propels an airplane forward, drag is the aerodynamic friction slowing it down. These variables are constantly interacting with eachother, when an airplane is in straight and level flight, these forces are said to be in balance.

How friction effect the flight of an airplane?

Friction is the force resisting the movement of an object across a surface. For an airplane there is no friction when it is flying. Instead this is referred to as air resistance which produces drag forces. There are several forces acting on the airplane at one time: Thrust, Drag, Lift, and Gravity.

What is the force acting on a falling rock?


The is the combination of all forces acting on an object?

that is called the net force; it is a vector sum of all the forces acting on it

Are the force acting on the pen?

Yes there are forces acting on a pen.

If the net force On an an object is zero what do you know about all of the forces acting on the object?

Net force is a combination of all the foces acting on an object.If two forces are acting in the same direction you add the forces to calculate the net force