What forces a person to take a breath?

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An involuntary reflex. When a person holds his or her breath and manages to continue holding it, eventually the individual will lose consciousness due to the lack of oxygen being supplied to the brain. At this point in time, the person can no longer continue to force the body to suffocate itself, and the body will then begin to breathe again while the person is unconscious.


Actually, it's not the lack of oxygen, it's the build up of carbon dioxide that triggers the autonomic nervous system to force you to breathe.
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What is the record for a person holding their breath?

The new record for breath-holding is 19 minutes and 21 seconds. . There are tricks to holding your breath for long periods of time, but the practice can be dangerous. . There may be long-lasting health consequences to extreme breath-holding. . A Swiss freediver held his breath underwater fo ( Full Answer )

How does breathing keep a person alive?

Oxygen is necessary for the muscles, tissues, and organs in your body. It is also extremely important for the brain to function, as a prolonged period of not-enough oxygen to the brain will result in brain damage and more severely brain death. When you breathe, the Oxygen is inhaled into your lun ( Full Answer )

What does take your breath away mean?

It refers to those times when you're so engrossed that you forget to breathe.. ANSWER: . For most of us, life comes down to the memorable moments and most of us have had those moments that took our breath away. Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon looking down this enormous gorge built by natu ( Full Answer )

How many breathes does a person take in a year?

For every minute that passes by a normal human adult takes 12 to 20 breathes. That is 720 to 1,200 breaths an hour, 17,280 to 28,800 a day, and 6,307,200 to 10,512,000 a year. To get an accurate answer you would have to calculate the about of breathes a person takes as an infant (25 to 50 breathes p ( Full Answer )

Amount of force in pounds it takes to get a person that weighs 120lb 3ft off the ground?

Let us examine the mechanics of a jumping person. First the person imparts some force on the ground over a small amount of time, this is known as an impulse. This impulse gives the person an upward speed which is reduced, by gravity, to zero at the apex of the jump. Gravity still acting on the perso ( Full Answer )

What is the path air takes when you breath?

In your mouth/nose.. into your lungs.. back out of your lungs exiting you mouth/nose again... And if your lucking sometimes it passes through your bum hole. :)

Why are you forced to resume breathing?

In the absence of oxygen, the build up of carbon dioxide causes and increase in the hydrogen ion concentration of the blood. It is this increase in hydrogen ions that triggers what is basically a pain response, forcing the urge to breath. It may be interesting to also note that some medications i ( Full Answer )

Can a person in a coma breathe on their own?

yes, if there is no problem with their lungs. Thier breathing is not changed by the fact that they are in a coma usually, but often they are breathing by a machine because the fact that they are in a coma is because they are hurt, but just being in a coma doesnt effect their breathing. lol actuall ( Full Answer )

Why does a person with asthma have trouble breathing?

Asthma is a complex medical problem in which both airway inflammation, bronchoconstriction, and excess mucous production play a role in causing shortness of breath. Bronchoconstriction causes a decreased diameter of the small airways, which makes air passage more difficult. Inflammation and excess m ( Full Answer )

Do the ribs expand when a person breathes?

The ribs themselves don't expand, but the muscles in between the ribs (the intercostal muscles) contract which pulls the ribs upwards and outwards. This expands the thoracic cavity, the pressure inside the thoracic cavity (and therefore lungs) will therefore become lower than the atmospheric pressur ( Full Answer )

Why does a person breathe harder after running?

you need to breath in order for ur blood flow and ur blood has to flow to the heart wen ur running ur heart is going fast cuz it needs the blood to flow faster so u can keep going and wen ur done running ur blood is going soo fast you need to breath fast

How can you determine when a person has stopped breathing?

If you do not suspect that there is a head, neck or upper back injury, first tilt the head way back to open the airway. Next put your face next to the person's mouth and nose and look at their chest. Then, for 10 seconds, Look, Listen, and Feel -- Look for the chest to rise and fall, Listen for th ( Full Answer )

Is it likely that when a person takes a breath they are inhaling the atoms of Shakespeare's last breath?

A very basic estimate to answer this question is to calculate how much air you breath in and out with each breath, and then compare that to the amount of air we could breathe in the atmosphere. The diameter of the earth is about 13000 km. Let's assume that atmospheric pressure is 1 ATM from sea l ( Full Answer )

At what temperature can a person see his breath?

When you breath out, you always breath out water vapor along with air. However, you can't usually see the water vapor because the water molecules are not close enough to form individual droplets. Individual droplets can be seen at the dewpoint. The dew point is associated with relative humidi ( Full Answer )

What determines a persons breathing rate?

Whether the breather smokes, drinks, or does drugs, the exitement level, medical disorders or diseases, caffiene level, physical activity, ect.

Why is a person out of breath after he exercises?

Because your body is Oxygen Debt, and lactic acid is being produced in the muscles at a higher rate, so your body pumps blood to these muscles, quicker, to remove the lactic acid and supply them with glucose.

How old are you when you take your first breath?

A newborn usually takes their first breath in the first minute of life, out of the womb. After a long or difficult labor, there is sometimes a short delay in those first minutes - this is not a medical emergency as long as the umbilical cord is still attached and pulsating the infant is being oxygen ( Full Answer )

How can a person with mental illness be forced to take treatment but not a patient who has an organic brain injury?

No one can be forced into treatment. Anyone proved to be a danger to them self or others can be placed on a 48 - 72 hour hold - where they are offered treatment and are able to refuse. Once deemed past the danger point they may be free to leave, depending on the stipulations of the hold. Very occa ( Full Answer )

What does it take to breathe on Venus?

there is water on venus it is tern in to a soild the tempiture will have persipitation and there r serton gasses that u could breath in to survive

Does taking a breath in affect your density?

Your volume increases, but your mass doesn't increase significantly. Try swimming: after inhaling, it is easy to float; after exhaling, you tend to sink.

How can a person able to breathe underwater?

By themselves - they can't. But these days we have machines and contraptions that help us with that. Diving gear, diving bells, submarines etc all allow people to breathe underwater.

How do you take deep breaths?

you inhale through your nose for as long as you can hold it, then you exhale through your mouth taking out all the air. do it several times and you will feel a bit calmer

Which part of the brain controls forceful breathing?

Ventilation occurs under the control of the autonomic nervous system from parts of the brain stem, the medulla oblongata and the pons. This area of the brain forms the respiration regulatory center, a series of interconnected brain cells within the lower and middle brain stem which coordinate respir ( Full Answer )

Can a person breathe in a car trunk?

Like I don't even want to know why you want to know this but yes they can, if they can fit. Now how long before they hyperventilate? That's something you should really care about, Ted Bundy.

Is it true that a force is exerted when you breathe in and out?

Yes. In order for anything massive to accelerate, a force must be exerted. Your lungs have mass, and go from being stationery, to moving at a more or less steady speed, to stationery and then back again. The accelerate throughout this process and thereby experience a force.

How many breaths does a person take when their asleep?

They take 70-90 a minute so multiply 70 well i would do 80 cause the middle number between 70-90 is 80 x 60 which equals 4800 and if you sleep 8 hours you breath about 38400 times a night cause you multiply 4800 by 8 and it = 38400 .

Why we don't forget to take breath?

because it comes automatic . Breathing is partially controlled by the voluntary nervous system and partially controlled by the autonomic nervous system. While the voluntary nervous system can hold your breath for a period of time (I have been able to do a bit over 3 minutes), the autonomic ( Full Answer )

What forces are taking place when a person is skydiving?

The obvious force is gravity. This is the effect of space-time being warped by the mass of the earth, but it is more simply what pulls us towards the ground. Then there is the force of air resistance or drag which increases with downward speed to a point where it balances the gravitational pull. The ( Full Answer )

Which organ the plant take breathe?

the phenomenon of breathing is absent in plants as plants do not have lungs. However, the gaseous exchange through stomata and lenticel provide oxygen for respiration. During day time oxygen is available to the plants from the process of photosynthesis.

What do doctors hear when a person takes a deep breath and releases it with a stethoscope?

The stethoscope is used to listen to breath sounds in order to findserious lung / chest disorders. Depending on the sound it canindicate a number of illnesses. The 4 main sounds are: Rhonchi - This basically sounds like a "snoring sound" Rales - Described as clicking, rattling or bubbling. Wheezing ( Full Answer )