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The haunted mansion is in the Eterna Forest

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Q: What forest is the haunted mansion in on Pokemon diamond?
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Where is the haunted mansion in Pokemon diamond?

the forest

Where is the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon Diamond?

which mansion 1.haunted mansion (in the forest beside enterna city) 2.the mansion with the trophy garden (north of route 212)

Where is the haunted mansion in Pokemon diamond and pearl?

The north side of Eterna Forest. It's called the Old Chateau. You need to cut down a tree to get there.

Where is the mansion near eterna city in Pokemon diamond?

the mansion is in the last bit of the enterna forest

Where is Pokemon Mansion in diamond?

eterna forest, near the eterna side entrance

Where is haunted forest on diamond?

there is no such forest

Where to find hunter Pokemon Diamond?

You find a gastly at the old Pokemon mansion.You may get a 5% of a chance in finding a hunter.Don't know the old Pokemon mansion is then go to Eterna city,then go to the Eterna forest and at the end you will find the old Pokemon mansion.

Where can you get a misdreavus in Pokemon diamond?

impossible. You have to trade it with a pearl user. they are as easy to obtain in pearl as murkrows are in diamond : ) ~Sherry PMMewtwo---At the forest inside the right side door in the Pokemon mansion.

How do you get roton in Pokemon diamond?

go to the abandoned mansion in the Eterna forest at night and go the only TV in the house and press A and you battle.

Where is the haunted forest on Pokemon pearl?

There is no such thing!

What is secret about the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon Pearl?

someware in eterni forest.

How you get behind blocked Pokemon mansion doors?

it depends which mansion for eterna forest there are none but in the persons mansion you cant

Where is the haunted house on Pokemon diamond?

If you are referring the Old Chateau, it can be found at the most northern area of Eterna Forest. It can be accessed when you use Cut on the little tree to get to it.

Is there an ar code for Pokemon pearl to use items anywere?

u got to enterna forest and go to the haunted mansion in enterna forest bring an masterball with u can only get him at night thoe go into all of the rooms and press A at them all

Where to get Rotom in Pokemon Platinum?

He's In A Room In The Pokemon Mansion In Eterna Forest.

Where is mukrow in Pokemon Diamond?

to get a mukrow in Pokemon diamond you go to the eterna forest

What pokemon game has eterna forest?

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum has Eterna Forest.

Pokemon Platinum how to get Rotom?

Rotom Is In A Room Inside The Pokemon Mansion In Eterna Forest.

How do you get a gengar in pearl?

Put in a Pokemon GBA cartridge in the GBA slot (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen) and then go to the Haunted Mansion in Eterna Forest, inside you will have a very rare chance of finding a Gengar.

Where is the Mansion in Pokemon platinum?

Just below heartome city. the trophy garden is there to. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- there is a mansion in eterna forest and below hearthome city. one is 'haunted' I'm fairly sure you're referring to the Pokemon Mansion, a building owned by Mr.Backlot and providing access to the Trophy Garden where rare Pokemon can be caught (These Pokemon vary depending on what Mr.Backlot tells you). The mansion can be found partway through Route 212, on the right side. A patrolling police officer in the front entrance will challenge you to a battle at night.

Where can you find ghost people on Pokemon platinum?

in the eterna forest, neer the exit to the next city, you need cut to enter the place, it is the haunted mansion, only in night. also there is a tv, if you go to the tv in night a Pokemon (rotom) will apear

Pokemon Pearl were to find ghost Pokemon?

go to the mansion in eterna forest, there also is a legendary Pokemon in the t.v.

Where is wechwood forest in Pokemon diamond?

There's no such thing as wechwood forest

Where is the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon Pearl?

After you beat gardenia you can use cut. Then go to the Eterna forest near the eterna entrance go up and use cut and there is the mansion!!!

How do you get the insect plate in Pokemon platinum?

you go to the haunted mansion in Eterna forest then go on the left side of the mansion then press A (the button) on the brown side of the hill then you get it and it said something about bringing it to the owner then you go in the mansion and go to the first floor dining room and you will see a man floating by then i do not know because i cant find the right question so i hope it helped!