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What form is grimsvotn volcano?

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The Gr?msvotn Volcano is a Caldera type volcano. The last eruption of the Gr?msvotn Volcano occurred in the year 2011.

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Grimsvotn is a cinder cone volcano

Grimsvotn is a hotspot volcano on a diverrrgent plate boundry (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

Grimsvotn volcano located in Iceland erupted earlier this week

Found from research, the Grimsvotn Volcano in Iceland is located on a plate boundary, like most volcanoes. But it's located on a divergent plate boundary, meaning the tectonic plates are moving apart, creating new crust material.

On May, 2011 in grimsvotn a volcanoe erupted and killed 231 people and injured 349 people.

The Grimsvötn volcano was created in 0 B. C., it has been around since the beginnging of time.

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The most recent volcanic eruptions happened in 2011. Here are the five most recent; Bezymianny (Kamchatka, Russia), Grimsvotn (Iceland), Katla (Iceland), Marapi (Indonesia) and Nabro (Eritrea).

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