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What form of Government is followed in China?

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China has a communist government.

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What is the form of government in China?

The government of China is Communist

What form of government does China have?

China's form of government is called Communist Party of China

What form of government is china best known for?

The government that China is best know for is Communist.

Is China a monarchy-?

China is not a monarchy, they have a communist form of government.

What form of government does China has?

It is a Monarchy

Which form of government is China?


What government did China have in the Middle Ages?

The government form in China in the middle ages was Dynasties. They were NOT successful.

What type of government did Massachusetts have in 1750?

they followed the puritan churchas a form of government

Which form of government came first in ancient Greece?

Monarchy, followed by Oligarchy, followed by Tyranny, followed by Democracy, followed by all the above.

What is the present form of government in china?


What form of government does china country have?


When was this form of government implemented in China?

In 1948.

What China form of government have?

I believe its dynasty.

The Peoples Republic of china has a form of government?


How does China use dictatorship?

They use it a. Form of government

The People's Republic of China has what form of government?


What form of government followed military rule in Argentina?

Military Dictatorship

Earliest form of government of ancient Greece?

Tribal, followed by monarchy.

What kind of government leaders does China have?

They have a totalitarian form of government with a neoliberal "open" market.

What form of government dose china have?

I believe that they are communist state.

Which of India's neighbouring countries do not have democratic form of government?


Which country in Asia do not follow democratic form of government?


What type of government is the people's republic of china?

It is a Communist government that has recently embraced a form of capitalism.

What form of government exists in china?

China is a communist dictatorship. It is run by a dictator and everyone else has no opinion.

The People's Republic of China has a form of government?

Yes, and that form is a Communist party-led state.

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