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Sparta had oligarchy

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Who is the government of Sparta?

Sparta used an oligarchy as their form of government. This means that there was a few people who ruled.

What form of government was practiced in sparta?


What form of government existed in Sparta?

Sparta had a mixed form of government that included a council and the leadership of two hereditary kings. In today's terminology the government would be called a democratic monarchy,

Why did Sparta develop its unique form of government?

to protect themselves

The Greek city-state of Sparta had what form of government?


What types of government did Sparta have?

Sparta had a oligarchy Government

What form of government was in Sparta?

It was an Oligarchy which means it was ruled by a small group of men

What government does Sparta have?

Sparta was an oligarchy.

What type of government developed in Sparta?

Totalitarianism: it is a form of governmentthat uses force and power to rule a people.This form of culture had its roots in theancient Greek city-state of Sparta.

Was the government of Sparta a oligarchy?

Yes it was. The government of Sparta became an oligarchy in 500 BCE.

The government of sparta was an oligarchy whitch means that it was?

Since the government of Sparta was an oligarchy it was ruled by few.

How was Sparta government system?

the goverment system of Sparta was oglilarchy.

What are some characteristics of the ancient government of Sparta?

Sparta was oligarchy

What are some of the difference Athens and Sparta had?

Athens had a government based on a democracy Sparta had a military based government

When did Sparta become a oligarchy government?

Sparta became an oligarchy in 500bce

Government in Sparta?


What is the form of government in Sparta and Athens?

Sparta, nominally a monarchy, but really a limited democracy. Athens ranged from monarchy to oligarchy to tyranny to limited democracy to radical democracy, and back again.

Type of government in ancient Sparta?

They had an Oligarchy government :)

What is the government of Athens and Sparta?

Anthens : Direct Democracy Sparta: Oligarchy CHICKEN.

Difference between Sparta and Athens government?

Sparta - oligarchy Athens - democracy

What type of government does Sparta have?


Who could participate in government in Sparta?


How was the Sparta government strutured?

They had an Oligarchy

Who ran Sparta?

The government of Sparta was an oligarchy, meaning that an small elite ruled the country.

What form of government was Sparta?

Actually, the Spartan system was a mixture of oligarchy and democracy back in that time. It shows elements of a totalitarian society.

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