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What form of music did rock n roll come from?


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June 05, 2007 4:59PM

Blues, Gospel, and Country. Most early Rock and Roll artists played/sang songs in each of these styles. Examples: Chuck Berry started out as a Blues musician, and used the traditional 12-bar blues structure in many of his songs. When he started writing songs that appealed to a younger audience, he eventually became associated with Rock and Roll. Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis all started singing and performing with Gospel music. Elvis's earliest records were known as being in the 'Rockabilly' style, which really was an upbeat, faster form of Country music. The easiest way to explain Rock and Roll, which simplifies it some, of course, is to think of it as 'White people playing Black music'. To many young white kids [rock and roll's primary original audience], they were not familiar with blues, and to a lesser extent, gospel. It was more the adaptation of these pre-existing forms for a new, young audience that began the idea of 'Rock and Roll' I would recomend check out the 'styles' section and click on rock and roll-- they offer a more more in-depth history than I can