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* One of the best known was "Tokyo Rose", used by the Japanese. Tokyo Rose was the name given to several english-speaking female broadcasters used by Radio Japan. These broadcasters put out false reports of battle results and other misleading information intended to shake the morale of American soldiers and sailors. * Another well-known form of Propaganda was the successful misinformation used by the Americans prior to D-Day. The Germans believed that the most likely point of invasion was the Pas de Calais area. The Germans also feared General Patton as the Allies best and most dangereous battlefield commander. The Allies used these preconceptions to great effect. They created a false 3rd Army, with Patton in command. Then, through falsified radio traffic, press covered visits, and falsified documentation "accidently" made available to known German agents, gave the impression that the 3rd Army was training to invade Europe at Pas de Calais. Even during the D-Day invasion of Normandy, the deception was continued. Because of this deception, the Germans kept a large part of their forces in reserve and prepared to respond to a Pas de Calais invasion until it was too late to successfully repel the Normandy invasion. Printed papers were often dropped from airplanes, radio stations often beamed music and messages to soldiers. "Tokyo Rose" was well known because the Japanese were broadcasting music that the Allied troops enjoyed, then she would get on the radio and talk about all kinds of subjects that were intended to discourage the troops.

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Q: What forms of propaganda were used during World War 2?
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Who else used propaganda during World War 2?

Everyone used propaganda during World War II and most of it was untrue.

What was one way that propaganda was used during World War?

Propaganda was used in the first world war to get new soldiers. it was also used to tell people that everything was fine when it obviously was not.

Why was the propaganda used during the World War 1?

You need the support of the populace in any war. Propaganda helps accomplish that.

What was one way that propaganda was used during World War 1?

Propaganda was used in the first world war to get new soldiers. it was also used to tell people that everything was fine when it obviously was not.

How was propaganda used on the us homefront during World War 2?

by camping out

What type of propaganda were used during World War 2?

bandwagon, tetimonial, repition,

What three types of anti-german propaganda was used during World War 1?

Three types of anti-German propaganda used during World War I were pictures, literature, and film. Pamphlets were the main form of propaganda in the first years of the war, and were distributed to various foreign countries.

Who used propaganda World War 2?

All the governments used propaganda.

What different types of propaganda was used during World War 2?

they were used to persuade people to go to war.

In what new way were movies used during the great depression and world war2?

NovaNet: Propaganda

Why was propaganda used during World War 2?

To garner support for Hitler and the Nazi cause.

What children's writer used propaganda to persuade people during World War 2?

Dr. Seuss .

Who use propaganda during World War 2?

All countries used it to motivate the people to win

What were popular examples of propaganda during World War 2?

Hundreds of posters were used for propaganda, film clips in movie theaters and the RADIO was the biggest form of propaganda during the war. Newspapers contributed but did not have the affect the radio, film and posters did. Another big form of propaganda were fund raisers for war bonds.

What other countries apart from Germany used propaganda in the world war?

Every country in the war used propaganda. Japan, the U.S, the U.K, Russia. every single country used propaganda. It's a common thing to do during war time ans even used in daily life even today.

Was propaganda used in both World Wars?

yes everywhere I've looked I've seen that propaganda was used in both wars!!AnswerPropaganda is a tool and it's used in ALL wars.

How did propaganda impact World War 2?

propaganda was used to encourage the fact that the enemies were evil...

Propaganda used during the Russian Revolution?

During the Russian Revolution, propaganda used included dissemination of revolutionary ideas, teachings of Marxism, and theoretical and practical knowledge of Marxism economics.

What building was burnt down and used for propaganda during world war 2?

The Reichstag, but that was well before the war. 1933 I think.

During World War 2 both the Allied and Axis powers used propaganda to?

Promote the war and manipulate public perceptions .

How was propaganda used to mobilize European countries for war during world war 1?

dosent this sound like somthing on a test?

What were the goals of the propaganda movement?

During active American involvement in World War II (1941-45), propaganda was used to increase support for the war and commitment to an Allied victory. At first, the government was reluctant to engage in propaganda campaigns as did the communists. But the alliance became user of propaganda for education of the civilians.

How did the soviet union use propaganda in World War 2?

They didn't you retard. Germany used propaganda.

Was propoganda posative in World War 1?

Propaganda was used both positive and negative during WW1. The reason why is because propaganda was used to get and recruit more men to participate in the war, and fight for their own country. The other side of the propaganda was used to insult or make a bad reputation at their enemy, so more supporters would be on their side to fight the enemy.

What were propaganda posters used for?

Propaganda posters are used to influence people. Typically, they are used for either marketing or political reasons, such as trying to get someone to vote a certain way during an election.