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Freedom of speech. The First Amendment guarantees that written material is freedom of speech.


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Freedom of the Petition, guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

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Our Founding fathers writing the Declaration of independence

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In both cases, you will have to provide the stocks to the counterparty if the option is exercised. There are two differences. First is the nature of the option. Calls are exercised when the stock spot price exceeds the call's strike price. Puts are exercised when the stock spot price is below the put's strike price. The other is, if you write a call you don't get to decide whether it gets exercised--the buyer does. If you buy a put, the choice to exercise it is yours.

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James Armistead Lafayette earned his freedom because Marquis de Lafayette assisted him by writing a recommendation for his freedom, which was granted in 1787. In gratitude, Armistead adopted Lafayette's surname.

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