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Plain water because the salt in the other water lowers the freezing point. All molecules must line up in order to freeze, therefore if adding salt, the Na and CL must line up with the water molecules in order to freeze. With plain water, the molecules line up faster and thus freeze faster.

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Sugar water freezes faster trust me I know.

No. H2O expands as it freezes. I am a little rusty on my chemistry, but I remember it having something to do with dual-polarity (?) of a water molecule.

cold water freezes fasterHot freezes faster than cold.Cold water freezes faster.

Hot water freezes faster

water freezes faster than milk.

Pure water freezes faster than milk.


# I think that regular water freezes faster. == ==

what freezes faster orange juice or milk

there isn't an answer the question is incorrect But Milk freezes faster then orange juice

Yes, saltwater makes mascara run faster. Just like when you cry, those tears are a type of saltwater.

the water freezes 2 hours faster than the Gatorade because any carbonated and/or sugary drink freezes slower.

water freezes faster than milk because it has less elements.

saltwater freezes at 18 degrees dumb idiot. just playing,but yeah its 18 degrees

Tap water freezes at only a slightly faster rate, but at a higher temperature than salt water. Saltwater freezes at only a slightly slower rate, but at a lower temperature than tap water. This is why, if you sprinkle salt on ice, it will melt. While the temperature remains the same, the addition of the salt lowers the melting (or freezing) point of the ice.

Cold water freezes faster then warm water.

NO, saltwater will dilute and blend in with the fresh water in a river. The faster the current, the faster it will mix in.

My hypothesis is that fresh water freezes faster than salt water.

water freezes faster than tea because unlike tea, it has no additives or chemical compounds in it. Therefor, there are no "barriers" in the freezing process of water and therefor, it freezes faster than tea.

Question: Does Ice dissolve faster in water, Saltwater, or vinegar?To me it would be the saltwater because salt melts ice and so therefore ice would melt faster in saltwater.

because saltwater has a higher freezing point

Saltwater is a very powerful catalyst for the process of rusting.

Pure water freeze faster.

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