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What freezes the fastest?

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Cold water freezes faster then warm water.

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Which liquids freezes the fastest?


Which soda freezes the fastest?

mountain dew

Which lidquid freezes the fastest?

Liquid Nitrogen

Why does water freezes the fastest?

because it dont have salt

Which soda freezes the fastest between Mountain Dew or Dr Pepper or Pepsi?

Mountain Dew freezes faster.

Which liquid freezes the fastest soda water or juice?


What freezes the fastest saltwater or fresh water?

The fresh water.

Experiment for which liquid freezes the fastest?

water because its less dense

What freezes the fastest juice or water?

water because it has more chemicals

Which freezes fastest salt water or sugar water?

Sugar water

Which will freeze the fastest among salt water and sugar water?

i did the research on for a science project and sugar water freezes fastest

Which soda will freezes the fastest between sprite coke and dr pepper?


What liquids freezes the fastest water juice or milk?

Water will freeze fastest. The other lower the freezing point because they are not pure water.

Which freezes fastest fresh water salt water or dirty water?

fresh water.

Which liquid freezes the fastest ice tea water or coke?

It's water you idot.

What liquid freezes fastest water milk or sprite?

water or sprite but definetly not milk

Which liquid freezes the fastest?

Basically it's water. It freezes within less than three hours. i performed an experiment and that was true. But, what surprised me was when i put the liquids in glass the milk froze the fastest. If you have any further questions leave a comment or something and i will answer.

Which water freezes the fastest colored water on plain water and why?

they both freeze the same rate

What type of water freezes the fastest sugarwater salt water water or freshwater?

i dont now

Which liquid freezes the fastest milk water or oil vineger and why?

i think that water freezes first because it is also known as h20 because it has more chemicals and vitamins inside .

Which liquid freezes the fastest water soda juice or milk?

water, because there is only one ingredient

Which liquid freezes the fastest water coke or orange juice?

water because it doesnt have any ingrediants.

What freezes faster syrup honey or orange juice?

Honey will freeze up the fastest because of the chemicals in honey the bond is packed up densely so it will freeze the fastest

What is a good name for a science fair project on what liquid freezes fastest?

Liquid Freezing" would be a good title

Which liquid freezes the fastest water with salt or water with sugar?

Sugar water will freeze faster than salt water.

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