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verbs always conjugated with être: naître - venir (devenir, revenir, intervenir) - monter - rester - arriver - entrer - rentrer - retourner - partir - sortir - descendre - tomber - aller - mourir

+ verbs in the reflexive form (se lever, se laver, s'amuser, se promener, se coucher, se raser...)

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Q: What french verbs are conjugated with etre?
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How many etre french verbs are there?

i think there's about 8? maybe?

Does etre in french take avoir or etre?

Etre takes avoir as the helping verb. An easy way to remember is that etre is always the helping verb with verbs of coming or going.

What parts of speech are conjugated?

Verbs are conjugated.

What is the Verb origin of suis and sont?

Suis and sont come from one of the most famous French verbs; Etre.

What are some ir re and etre words in french?

verbs ending with -ir, -re and être is also a verb

What are 'etre' verbs?

The French past tense that's called 'passe compose' is composed of an auxiliary verb and the main verb in past participle form. In the passe compose tense, the auxiliary verb is the conjugation of either 'etre' ['to be'] or 'avoir' ['to have']. Those verbs that have 'avoir' as their auxiliary choice are called 'avoir' verbs. Those verbs that have 'etre' as their auxiliary choice are called 'etre' verbs. For example, 'venir' ['to come'] is an 'etre' verb. So 'I did come, have come, came' is translated as 'Je suis venue', with 'je' meaning 'I'. The choice of 'etre' or 'avoir' carries through to all of the other combined tenses, such as the conditional perfect, future perfect, pluperfect, etc.

Are verbs in Vietnamese conjugated?


Who is Dr Sam Tarvern MP?

He helps you learn the french verbs in the past tense that use Etre instead of Avoir

What is the first conjugated language?

Verbs are conjugated, not languages. Do you mean 'inflected'?

Dose google translate conjugate verbs?

it does not translate conjugated verbs. Try to go to a specialized website like who conjugates in both English and French.

What is etre in English?

"Etre" is the French verb "to be"

What are the verbs in this sentence A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense?

The verbs are 'to be' (conjugated as "is") and 'to become' (conjugated as "becomes").