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atually a apple can connduct more than lemons, tomatoes, onion, or potatoes. It can get about 1.018 volts

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The water inside the fruit or the vegetable, makes it conduct electricity.

A fruit has seeds, a vegetable doesn't have seeds. Thats the difference between a fruit and vegetable. :)

Raisins are dried grapes, which makes them a fruit.

If it has seeds, then it is a fruit. If it doesn't then it's a vegetable. Even capsicum is a fruit (it has seeds).

Fruits and vegetables are different.

A courgette is a young marrow. It is a fruit, but is used and cooked as a vegetable.

a banana is a fruit every edible free products is a fruit then nuts come from the fruit exept penutsIMPROVEMENT:There is nothing that makes a banana a vegetable. The banana is a fruit, the fourth largest fruit crop in the world. Nuts have nothing to do with this.

It is a fruit because fruits have seed and it grows on vines. Which makes it a fruit.

potato, lemon (not a "vegetable" but works well!) but it also depends how you use it

Because they think it is a none fruit which makes it a vegetable but what people don't realize is that it is a fruit but yet considered a vegetable because it doesn't have any sugar in it which most fruits do.

The advantages of a research proposal is that you need to know what makes a fruit a fruit, and a vegetable a vegetable. The big question to ask is, DOES IT HAVE SEEDS? If the answer is yes, then technically, (botanically) you have a FRUIT. This, of course, makes your tomato a fruit. It also makes cucumbers, squash, green beans and walnuts all fruits as well.

Yams are a tuber. Fruits are developed by flowers and contain reproductive cells, since the yam is not developed from the flower, it is considered not a fruit which makes it a vegetable.

Brinjal is an Indian word for an egg plant or aubergine. These have small seeds inside and that is what makes it a fruit rather than a vegetable (just as tomatoes are fruits).

It's most definitely a fruit. No an apple is only a fruit because it has seeds. that also makes tomatos fruits too.

Some fruit tastes sour because, god makes them sour, we cant change the sour of a fruit or a vegetable.

organic foods are foods that have not been sprayed with chemicals or pesticides

It is a "bulb", made of expanded fleshy leaf bases. This makes it a vegetable.

A plantain is the fruiting body of a type of banana plant and even though it is seedless this makes it a fruit, no matter how your cook it.

for an orange, it makes the juice bubbles pop. For banana's, it makes them VERY brown, and apples, really soft

Because people have always put the tomato in the vegetable section although it has seeds, which makes it a fruit. Well anyways. In Louisiana the government sign it is a vegetable it is really a fruit. All fruit have seeds in it.Right.For the people that thinks tomato is a fruit.You are correct.Here is the prove Tomatoes has seeds. Other states thinks that tomatoes is a fruit{Beside Louisiana}.

.1 a seed pod .2 a fruit .3 a vegetable

USDA a vegetable is classified as a vegetable by the way it grows.

Vgetables don't have seeds. Having seeds is what makes the food a fruit.... So no vegetables really have seeds. But a lot of people consider a tomato a vegetable and a fruit.

Any fruit or vegetable will ferment in water. Spit/saliva makes this happen faster. It is not difficult to make alcohol.

cabbage is the main vegetable in sauerkraut.

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