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What fruits grow on bushes?

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me ya mah an dah

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Do all fruits grow in trees or bushes?


Where do fruits grow?

well, trees,shrubs,bushes and tomatoes grow on vines

Which fruits do not grow on trees?

Hi the fruits that don't grow is bannas

Fruits that grow on a bush?

Many berries grow on bushes, such as blueberries, chokecherries, currants, gooseberries, service berries, and raspberries.

How do they determine a fruit from a vegetable?

Fruits have seeds and most of them grow on trees. Vegetables do not have seeds and usually grow on bushes or small plants.

Do strawberries grow on trees or bushes?

they grow on bushes

Do some nuts grow on bushes?

someones Previous answer: No they don't grow on bushes. Yes some do grow on bushes. Hazelnuts grow on bushes and peanuts actually grow underground from plants similar to potatoes.

Do tangerines grow on bushes or trees?

tangerines grow on trees. why would you think that they grow on bushes??

What kind of fruits grow on trees?

All fruits grow on either trees, vines or bushes.Some of the fruits which grow on trees include oranges, apples, lemons, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, cherries, pomegranates, avocados, guavas, pawpaws, persimmons, figs, mulberries and quinces, just to name a few.

Where do bluberries grow?

ON BUSHES! haven't you heard of blueberry bushes?!?!

Do grapes grow on bushes or trees?

Grapes can grow on either depending on the kind. Grapes grow on vines which are neither bushes nor trees. Older vines my look like bushes.

Do blueberries grow on land?

they grow on bushes...

Does a pineapple grow on trees?

no they grow on bushes

Do Currants grow on trees?

No, they grow on bushes.

Do strawberries grow on vines or bushes?

No, strawberries do not grow on vines. No, strawberries do not grow on bushes. Strawberries grow on a low-growing plant which sends out runners.

What berries grow on bushes?

blueberries and red berriesI think there aren't any that don't grow on bushes...

Why do all fruits grow on trees?

They don't! Fruit grows on any flowering plant. Berries are fruit that grows on bushes. Tomatoes, grapes, and many other fruit grow on vines. etc.

Do raspberries grow on trees?

No, raspberries grow on bushes.

Do aubergines grow on tree's or bushes?

they grow on trees

Do strawberrys grow on trees?

no they grow on low bushes

Where do rasberries grow?

rasberries grow on bushes that you can plant.

Do blackberry Bushes Grow in Florida?

Yes, wild blackberry bushes grow in the northern part of Florida. They also can be planted.

Do avocatoes grow on bushes or trees?

Avocados are grown on trees, not bushes.

What the habitat and food the rhinoceros?

the food is trees, bushes, and fruits

What do fruits form on some plants?

Trees, Bushes, and Roots.