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There are many fun activities for kids in downtown T.O. The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) is an awesome place to start. They always have great exhibits and it is not boring because they always have 'special' exhibits in for a limited time. Toronto is filled with many large bakeries, which is always fun as well. Sit back and enjoy fresh European pastries. Another great idea is to take the kids to the Eaton Centre downtown, a massive shopping mall with many floors. There is so much to look at just at the one mall! If you are going to the outskirts of Toronto, take the kids to Canada's Wonderland, which is always a blast. It is like Cedar Point, except a bit different. There are more shows to watch, and it is geared to a younger generation.

AnswerToronto also boasts Canadas largest Zoo, the Ontario science centre, the CN tower entertainment complex, Ontario Place and in August the Canadian national Exhibition. If you head to the SkyDome (now Rogers centre) you can pick up a Jays game for about 8 bucks!

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2011-09-13 11:24:49
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Q: What fun activities for kids are there in downtown Toronto?
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