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Q: What functions does the mosque serve?
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Mosques serve for the following:Ritual worship,religious social activities,occasionally, educational and medical services,religious teachings,learning of Quran reciting and memorizing, andreceiving and offering charities and support for the poor and the needy people

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The purpose of the Mosque is to provide religious services, educational, social, cultural and similar activities, to the Muslim community and serve as a resource for information, and cultural cooperation.The purpose of a mosque is to create community and have a central area in which Islam is taught and promulgated.

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Women serve a lot in a mosque. They do many "dars" or lessons where she teaches others about religion they are role models for other girls they do everything to make the mosque look nice and stand out. I don't mean cleaning but their actions make the mosque fantastic. Women, however, cannot be Imams or lead a service that has men in it.

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It's a place for Muslims to worship Allah.

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