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The state does not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt, but does allow garnishment for court ordered child support and/or spousal maintenance or state, federal, municipal taxes owed. Bank garnishment is allowed by state laws, if the account is held jointly, the non-debtor account holder will be notified and can file a petition to have the funds in the account belonging to them exempted. Other actions that might be taken are a lien against real property, the forced sale of non-exempt property belonging solely to the debtor.

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Q: What funds can be taken through the courts to pay a judgment in Pennsylvania?
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Can you refinance your home loan even if its got a judgment?

The judgment must be paid from the proceeds of the refinance. That amount will be deducted from the funds paid over to you.The judgment must be paid from the proceeds of the refinance. That amount will be deducted from the funds paid over to you.The judgment must be paid from the proceeds of the refinance. That amount will be deducted from the funds paid over to you.The judgment must be paid from the proceeds of the refinance. That amount will be deducted from the funds paid over to you.

Can you garnish Social Security Disability for a judgment owed?

All SS benefits are exempt from judgment creditors under federal law. They cannot be garnished nor can a bank account holding such funds be levied by a judgment order. A judgment creditor who knowingly attempts to seize exempted funds by means of a judgment order can be sued by the judgment debtor. Likewise any bank or financial institution that knowingly releases such protected funds can also be sued for damages incurred by the beneficiary and/or his or her family.

Can a judgment creditor levy funds on a prepaid credit card?

Yes, in some cases a judgment creditor may levy funds on a prepaid card. This depends on which state you live in but most states do allow this.

What kind of funds are appropriated by Congress after a claim is filed by tribes or Indian descendant groups against the US?

Judgment funds

If there is a debit judgment can they freeze your bank account?

Yes if funds are not exempt

Where would one find information regarding federated funds?

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If a judgment has been levied against you can the bank take your paycheck that is direct deposited into your personal account?

The judgment creditor can execute the judgment as a bank levy in which case, the bank must release the amount of funds stated in the court order regardless of how the funds are deposited in the account. The entire balance of an account can be seized if it is needed to pay the judgment order. The judgment debtor should take steps to protect funds within the account that might be considered exempt (Social Security benefits, disability benefits, monies that belong to an account holder who is not the judgment debtor, etc.)

Can a creditor freeze bank accounts in New Jersey?

A judgment creditor can levy a bank account(s) held by the judgment debtor. An account can be frozen by the court when it appears that funds might be removed and/or transferred to avoid the judgment levy or to allow the judgment debtor to claim exempted funds in the account(S) or when the account is jointly held by a person who is not a judgment debtor. A joint account holder who is not a judgment debtor is required to present documents proving to the court the amount of funds that belong to them and which are not subject to a judgment levy. In some instances when an account is held jointly by a married couple and only one spouse is the named debtor the entire account will be exempted from a judgment creditor levy.

What are federal pass through funds?

Federal pass through funds are grants given to one organization to be passed through directly into the hands of another group. This is often done when the group that actually needs the funds cannot be funded directly by federal funds.

Who builds basketball courts?

chimpanzees... of course it's humans your question should be who funds to build a basketball court and it's the gov or private courts

What can you do if your bank account has already been frozen and you need the money in the account to pay back some of your debt?

AnswerTry to vacate the judgment through the court that entered the judgment. This may temporarily release your bank account funds if you were not properly served.

What happens when you don't pay a judgment?

The plaintiff can file a motion to have your property seized to pay off your debt. Generally, this means garnishing your bank accounts or paychecks. Sometimes courts can find you in willful contempt for refusing to pay and hold you in custody until the funds are paid.

When can a bank seize funds from your account?

When you owe creditors, collectors or someone else, they can obtain a money judgment to seize funds or freeze it. See below link:

Can a social security be taken out of bank account because of a judgment in Kentucky?

Generally, no. Social security funds are usually exempt from garnishment to satisfy judgment. There are so exceptions, though.

Can military retirement benefits be garnished by a forclosure judgment in Florida?

No. Military and government pensions are exempt from judgment creditor action. However, the judgment debtor should keep in mind that it is his or her duty to inform the court that such funds are exempt from attachment. Exempt monies such as pension benefits, SSI, SSD, etc. should never be commingled with other funds in any bank account.

How do load funds operate?

Shares in load funds are usually sold through separate distributorships

What is the appropriate amount for a trustee's fee and what can you do when you suspect the trustee is misusing the trust funds?

It depends, but could be 1% of total estate and you can petition the courts to have the trustee removed if you suspect misusing of funds.

Can a judgment in California be used against willed property?

Only insofar as the judgment can be levied against the estate of the deceased. Since it can be assumed that the willed property was part of the estate's assets then it can be liened if there are insufficient other funds in the estate's assets to satisfy the judgment.

What is a bank account levy?

A bank account levy is one method for a judgment creditor to recover monies owed for a debt. The judgment holder files the writ of judgment with the clerk of the court where the judgment was entered against the judgment debtor as bank account levy. I If the judgment is allowed to be executed, the sheriff will serve the writ for levy (garnishment) of the debtor's account on the bank where the account is held. The bank can either honor the writ and release the funds up to the maximum of the judgment or request the court to "freeze" the account and decide whether or not the judgment writ is valid. When an account is joint and only one account holder is the judgment debtor, the bank will usually request the account to be frozen. It then becomes the responsibility of the non debtor account holder to provide documentation to the court proving the amount of funds belonging to them.

If you need to sell your joint-owned house in Florida but you have a judgment against you not a lien will you have to pay the judgment first?

If the judgment was not perfected as a lien against the property (which is almost impossible in Florida), the property is not encumbered and the title should be clear, thereby not causing a problem with the sale. The judgment holder will probably be able to execute the judgment as a bank account levy and/or seize funds garnered from the sale of the homestead.

In Georgia can a judgment creditor take money from your bank account?

Yes. A bank account can be levied by the judgment creditor even if the account is jointly held. If the account is joint and only one of the account holder's is the named judgment debtor, the non debtor account holder must submit proof to the court as to the amount of funds belonging to them in order to protect those funds from being seized. When it concerns such joint account the court will generally freeze the account and allow the non debtor a specified amount of time to claim his or her exempt funds that are in the account.

Can they freeze your bank account for medical bills in Arizona?

Yes. When an individual is sued for debt the judgment creditor can request the financial institution through legal process to "freeze" all the defendant debtor's personal accounts. In most U.S. states the bank/financial institution can withhold twice the amount of the judgment until the court releases those funds.

What does restrained bank account mean?

When a bank account is RESTRAINED it means that the bank has put a "freeze" on the account and no funds may be withdrawn by anyone. Usually this is the result of some party with a judgment against the account holder who --by virtue of their judgment obtained in court-- has the right to go after any assets of the account holder. While RESTRAINED, all funds remain at the bank (minus any bank fees the bank may charge for having to process the Restraining Order). Ultimately the funds will meet one of the following fates: After a year, the Restraining Notice will expire (but a new can be issued quickly); or the account holder will sign over all or part of the funds in the account to whomever holds the judgment against them, and the account will be "normal" again after that; or if the account holder refuses to release any funds the judgment holder can send the local Sheriff or Marshall in to seize the funds, after which the account again returns to "normal" status but at that point the account is no longer considered RESTRAINED it is said to have been levied.

How can one exchange traded index funds?

You can exchange traded index funds by selling it through your investment manager. You can get more information about exchange-traded funds at the Wikipedia.

Is a home that is owned by two unmarried people in Pennsylvania exempt from a creditor judgment the debt is only from one person Both people live in the home?

No, the portion of the property owned by either is an asset available to creditors of that person. The court can force a sale and distribute the funds to the owners according to their ownership percentages.

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