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Mine all went out when my passenger visor fell apart. I was told that it is the fuse box on the passenger side that says "body". I plan on trying it tomorrow. Best wishes to you as well.


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Yes they can be connected into the same supply source as each type has its own internal working circuit for sensing smoke.

when a resistor is connected in a circuit it drop some voltage across it.when a circuit have large input voltage then by using a resistor of suitable value we get the desired voltage.

Alternators are not in a fused circuit. If your alternator isn't working, it's because either the belt is broken, there is a shorted circuit somewhere, or the alternator is faulty.

Check that the linkage that controls the damper is connected and working. The linkage is just above the gas pedal.

Wherever you see the remaining street lights working when one or two individual lamps are not working. In Western Europe, most street lighting is parallel-connected.

I'm not sure as you haven't mentioned the game or anything else in specific. But i recommend you to try changing the controls of that game because few of the games changes its controls by itself in few days or somebody else who is working on your computer may have changed the controls. Hope your doubt is clear. Have a nice day - keep smiling ;-)

These are two separate systems; if neither is working, the cause might be a blown fuse or circuit breaker, perhaps the one that controls the blower.

working of rain alarm circuit

it is a combination of two transistors connected in series. the emitter of transistor t1 is connected to the base of transistor t2 . now the total circuit acts as a single transistor. this combination will gives high gain, as the gain is multiplied.

If you're CERTAIN that the fuse is good, check the headlight switch. There is a separate circuit inside the switch that controls both the dashlights and tail lights. If the INPUT to that circuit is working but there is no power out from the switch, you'll have exactly the problem you duscuss.

Don't play with electricity and electronic circuit.Use the apparatus carefully.The connections of the circuit on which you are working must be correctly connected.If any kind of confusion is continuously happens then consult to Lab Manager or your instructor.

In a series circuit, the current at every point in the circuit is the same. This is a consequence of Kirchoff's Current Law, which states that the signed sum of the currents entering a node must equal zero. Since a series circuit consists of nodes with only two elements connected to each node, it follows that the current at every point in a series circuit is the same.

Because series circuits only give electricity one path to follow, every device in a series must be working for the entire circuit to work. To apply this to lighting, if one lightbulb goes out, every light on the circuit goes out. As a result, it would be impractical to design a lighting circuit in a series.

The circuit stops working because of the short circuit

In a series circuit, all connections (bulb, resistance, battery, electrical appliances) are connected in one single series. Hence if one stops working, electric current would not be able to flow through this circuit. In a parallel circuit, all connections are in parallel or atleast some are with respect to the battery. So if any appliance which is parallel with respect to the battery stops working, the current would still flow through the circuit skipping the path of the broken appliance.

A simple switch is just two paperclips. These paper clips have to be closed for the bulb/buzzer to work. If the paperclips are not connected then the circuit will be cut short which means not working.

A: Is hardly any parts on a car connected in series for the simple fact if a lamp blow up everything i series will it quit working all together

No. No load and short circuit is not similar. No load can be 1) Either open circuit i.e. Only Potential is available and load is not connected 2) Load (i.e. motor etc ) is connected but not working with full load or full capacity. In this case the current will flow through the circuit depending on the load. It means No load condition is a condition where no current or a small ( relative / comparative term) current is flowing through the circuit. In Short circuit the load side resistance/ impedance become so less that very high amount of current is passing through circuit.( The protection is therefor required for any circuit) No load and and short circuit is not similar. Thanks

The clockspring under the airbag is not connected or needs to be replaced! also the cruse control and radio controls in the steering wheel are probably not working

A circuit breaker will trip if it is faulty or if the connected circuit has a short circuit or a connected device is trying to draw more current than the breaker rating. If you disconnect the output wire from the breaker and it still trips, it is a faulty breaker. If the breaker is tripping immediately when it is turned on then start disconnecting elements of the circuit to see what might be causing the problem. If everything was working and now isn't, it is likely that the wire from the breaker is nicked where it exits the box and is shorting to the feedthru connector.

There are various to check if your air circuit breaker working. You can use various tools that are available to test your air circuit breaker. A clamping ammeter is ideal for this purpose.

Any gap in a series circuit causes the whole thing to stop working. That is why houses are wired in parallel with each other, and indeed there are many parallel circuits inside each house.

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