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Pull your fuses until you seen 1 where the metal inside is cracked look carefully because sometimes there is a very small line in between the metal. The instrument cluster on the 1999 Windstar (3.8L) is one of the larger computerized modules. I am thinking it is probably the same on the '95. In any event, I show four fuses providing power to various parts of the cluster. All are located in the central junction box. Check fuses 9 (10 amp), 10 (10amp), 15 (10 amp) and 28 (10 amp). All of these provide power to the instrument cluster on the '99. Hopefully, yours is the same module. Carl Be sure to check the Owners Manual for an illustrated guide to the fuseboxes - See "Related Questions" below

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Q: What fuse needs replaced if the dash lights don't light on the ford windstar 1995 3.8 V6?
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What fuse needs replaced if the dash lights don't light on the ford windstar 1998?

Should be common to the parking/tailight fuse

Why would the brake lights on your 95 ls turn on while the car is off and kill your battery?

Sounds like Stop light switch needs to be replaced Sounds like Stop light switch needs to be replaced

Why are your brake lights and hazard lights not working on a 99 Chevy turn signals and top brake light is working fine?

turn signal switch needs replaced!

Brake lights will not go out on a 1997 concord?

When break lights do not turn off when the brake pedal is fully retracted suggests two possible causes: * The brake light switch is out of adjustment and needs to be adjusted. * The brake light switch is defective and needs to be replaced.

Why would Brake lights stay on even when the lights are shut off and engine is not running?

the brake light switch on the brake pedal is bad and needs to be replaced. A $10.50 part at parts store.

Why won't the brake lights turn off in a 1997 ford escort?

The brake lights won't turn off because the brake light switch on the pedestal of the brake pedal needs to be replaced.

Why won't the tail lights go out in 94 Chrysler Lebaron even after car is shut off for an hour?

Switch on brake pedal needs tightened replaced, or switch for lights needs tightened or replaced.

Brake lights do not work all the time replaced brake light switch?

If you have the same bulb for brake and signal, brake light power needs to be interrupted by the signal lights, The brake circuit has to go through the signal light switch so the problem could be there.

Half of the dash lights on your 1993 Chevy pickup are out Is this a light that needs to be replaced or a fuse Please help?

Bulbs. All the bulbs are fed from the same fuse.

Your signal lights are not working on your 1994 Pontiac gran am?

When the signal lights are not working on a car, there are a couple of things that could be going on. One could be that the bulb needs to be replaced. The other possibility is that the signal relay needs to be replaced.

BMW 325i warning lights?

on the dashboard of my 2005 325i BMW there is a warning light that is not shown in my manual. the entire car is light up, and at the back left rear there is a red lamp light. To above statement: A light is out and needs to be replaced.

Tail Lights wont go off 1989 Acura Legend when car is off?

Most probably the light switch assembly on the steering column needs replaced.

What does it mean when the ets off light and check engine light come on?

If these two lights come on together then the extra traction sensor is broken and needs to be replaced when the sensor is fixed the check engine light will go off and the ets light will work properly again.

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Brake switch needs replaced.

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The switch on the break pedal needs to be adjusted or replaced.

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The whole turn signal arm unit needs to be replaced

2001 chey blazer brake lights dont work third brake stays on?

The 2001 Chevy Blazer brake lights may not work and the third bake stays on because the current light needs to be replaced. A replacement brake light can be purchased at an Auto Parts store like Pep Boys.

Why is my 1999 Ford Windstar LX turn signal blinking twice as fast as normal?

That means either the Front or rear bulb is not working and needs to be replaced.

How could you tell if it is the fuse or light bulb that needs replaced to fix the taillight?

If just one tailight out -should be a burned out bulb If all parking/tail/ and dash lights outs may be fuse

What if both tail lights do not work only the brake lights Does this sound like a fuse needs to be replaced or the actual tail lights on a 1996 Honda Accord?

check the fuses and check the bulbs.

What does it mean when the console light flashes on a Mitsubishi grandis?

When a console light flashes on a Mitsubishi?æand the light continues to flash that may mean a sensor needs to be replaced. A certified mechanic can have it replaced.

Cant get bright lights on 02 impala can switch be ajusted?

no, the switch in the steering column is bad and needs replaced.

My 87 Honda accord brake hazards and signal lights stopped working I changed signal and brake light fuses the brakes lights are working but not signal and hazards.?

Probably the flasher unit needs to be replaced. This is an electronic switch which usually mounts underneath the dashboard.

Why do ceiling fan lights go out?

Without knowing some more facts, there could be several different answers to explain why a ceiling fan's lights "go out":someone has turned them off at the switch for the lights on the fan unit;the light bulbs are "dead" and need replacing because their filaments have broken;there is a fuse protecting the lighting circuit and it needs replacing because it blew from the surge of high current that sometimes happens when a light bulb "dies";there is a timer in the fan unit which turns the lights off after a certain period of time;the wiring from the switch to the light has become disconnected;the switch in the fan that controls the lights is broken and needs to be replaced...

How can you fix your LED tail lights that do no light up when you push break?

If neither of the brake lights come on when the brake pedal is depressed, you should check the break light switch which is usually located behind the break pedal assembly. Look for a losse or disconnected wiire to the switch. If one does light up them you need to check the led bulb to see if it is good or needs to be replaced