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It should be a round canister under the dash close to the fuse box it will be plugged in to some wires or directly in the fuse box hope this helps

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Q: What fuse operates the hazardous flashers?
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Which fuse controls flashers on 98 Ford Explorer sport?

I BELIEVE that ( fuse #21 ) is a 15 amp fuse for the hazard flashers on your 1998 Ford Explorer Sport ( at least it is on the 1998 Ford Explorer four door )

Flashers work turn signals dont fuse is good on 1995 s10 blazer-what's wrong?

because there are two diffrent flashers 1 for the flashers and 1 for turn

What is wrong with a 2001 Nissan Xterra if the blinkers stopped working and the flashers still work?

I believe the flashers are on a separate fuse than the blinkers, that is where I would first start to look, is the fuse box

How do you change signal flashers on 1992 park avenue?

No gurarantees, but most car signal flashers are plugged in at, or near the fuse box - try there.

Where are the turn signal flashers on 1990 aerostar?

Its the 1x3/4 inch silver round fuse in the fuse box

What is wrong when flahers stay on even when you pull the fuse?

If the flashers remain on after you have pulled the fuse, you may have pulled the wrong fuse or it has somehow been bypassed.

Your blinkers wont work but the hazards do in your 94 acura integra it is a fuse?

There are two different flashers on vehicles. 1 for the turn signals, 1 for the hazard flashers.

If traction conditions are hazardous you should?

If traction conditions are hazardous:definitely do NOT drive close to other vehiclesemergency flashers aren't mandatoryyou shouldn't drive if you can help it but if you have to then:DRIVE SLOW

Where is the fuse that operates the rear license plate lamps?

rear tail light fuse

What fuse number is the lighter on a 2002 crown Victoria?

( Fuse # 25 ) - 20 amp - cigar lighter , power point , emergency flashers

On a 1997 Ford F150 where in the fuse panel is the fuse for the flashers?

Click on the link below Click on Owner Guides The owners manual ( which includes the fuse diagrams ) can be viewed online

Where in a 1996 Ford Thunderbird are the flashers?

There is a large round chrome fuse called "The Flasher Unit". It is located next to or close by the fuse box down by the drivers feet, or there might be a fuse in the fuse box,the fuse box is labeled.

Which fuse operates temperature gauge in vauxhall corsa?


Turn signal not working after changing bulbs?

check the flashers.. sould be a round fuse sorta thing

91 Lincoln continental turn signal flashers do not work?

replace the turn signal flasher fuse.

Emergency flashers not working on 1997 Buick Skylark?

You might just need a new flasher or a fuse.

Where is flasher located on 1996 mercury villager?

Flashers are next to the fuses in the fuse box under the dash.

What fuse operates the wipers on 1988 Dodge Truck?

The windshield wipers have their own dedicated fuse. The fuse can be found in the fuse box. The location of the fuse is listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

What fuse operates the convertible top on a XK8?

Fuse #13 or the 40 amp itm is the only forty amp

What fuse operates Sunroof which is stuck open on my Jeep?

i do believe its 26

Which fuse operates the drivers seat electronics?

If you're not sure which one, pull and check each fuse one at a time.

What fuse operates the cigarette lighter in the 2008 Dodge Charger?

the fuse is the yellow 20 A in the back fuse pannel the one that is out of line with all the other ones

What fuse operates cigarette lighter on 2002 town car?

20 A. fuse in the driver side under the steering column. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( it's the number 23 fuse )

What fuse operates stereo in 2006 dodge charger?

look in your owners manual if you have it.

Which fuse operates wipers in a 1989 Chevy s10?

If you have an owners manual, it will tell you in that.