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What fuses are needed for 240 volt appliances?

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You need to be more specific about the appliance - dryer or range or air condition- 30 Amp for the dryer, 50 Amp for the range, A/C varies.

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Places to get 240 volt appliances in Canada?

What kind of appliances? All electric ranges and dryers are 240 volt. You can get them anywhere appliances are sold.

Can you use 220 volt appliance on 240 volt?

on some appliances you can, but it is not recommended

Can 240 volt appliances from NZ run on 240 Volts in the US?

yes 240volts is 240 volts

Can 240 volt appliances work on 208 volt supply?

Yes, but the true wattage of the device will not be obtainable.

How do you modify 240 volt appliances to run directly on 12 volts?

You don't.

Can you change wall plugs 110 volt systems to suit 240 volt appliances?

It is not just the outlet, but the wiring and breakers that need to be compatible with your 240 Volt appliance. Get an electrician to look at your requirement.

Do all electric ovens cooktops ranges and clothes dryers operate on 208v as well as 240v?

No, use only the voltage for the appliance that your utility system is supplying to your residence. If your system is 208 volts use 208 volt appliances. Likewise if the utility system is 240 volts use only 240 volt appliances. 208 appliances on 240 will overheat the appliances and 240 appliances on 208 will not produce the wattages that the manufacturer recommends for cooking and drying.

Do you need a transformer to hook up a 120 volt appliance to a 240 volt outlet?

Yes, but it is not advised. It is much better - and safer - to use a 120 volt branch circuit with wiring and circuit breakers that are correctly sized to protect 120 volt appliances under your country's NEC (national electrical code) or wiring regulations.If you decide to use a 240/120 volt step-down transformer it should be the type that includes fuses to ensure the 120 volt output circuit is properly protected and you must ensure that it is of sufficient size to do the job without catching on fire!Please note: The circuit breakers for your 240 volt outlet are unable to protect the 120 volt output circuit from the transformer: the 240 volt circuit breakers are designed to protect the high currents drawn by large 240 volt appliances such as clothers dryers, washing machines, kitchen ranges, air conditioners, etc.Some step-down 240/120 volt transformers come with built-in fuses but other, cheaper, ones do not. For your own personal safety - and to protect other users of the hook-up - only use 240 to 120 volt step-down transformers that have fuses.Remember, it is always safer to get a new 120 volt branch circuit installed.As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.Before you do any work yourself,on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.

Do you need a 240 volt fuse in each leg of a 240 volt circuit or should you use two 120 volt fuses?

Both legs of a 240 branch circuit need to be fused with a fuse rated at 240 volts or better. The voltage potential across the load is what governs the fuse voltage ratings.

Can you use a 220 volt rice cooker in an Italian 240 volt outlet?

Yes you can, it was manufactured before the new European standards were brought out. I have no trouble with my 220 volt appliances.

Can you use 220 V with 60 Hz appliances from South Korea in US with 240 V outlets?

If the appliance is 220 volt 60 Htz, yes it will work perfectly in the U.S. plugged into a 240 volt outlet.

Why do the electrical appliances than are bought in America not work in India?

Different system, US uses 110 volt. I think India uses 230 or 240 volt.

What type of connection is preferred in housing?

In North America the connection type is 120/240 volt single phase. This allows the use of 120 volts for smaller appliances and equipment along with 240 volts for larger appliances and equipment.

How many amps does an oven use?

In an average home in North America the oven and range are fed from a 40 amp breaker. As the appliances are 240 volt this will allow the appliances to be in the 240 x 40 = 9600 x 80% loading = 7680 watt range.

Will a 240 volt appliance work with 200 volt supply?

Yes, a 240 volt appliance will work with a 200 volt supply.

Can you use a 240 volt 3 phase disconnect with 460 volt?

No, you cannot. You could use a 460 volt disconnect on 240, but you cannot use a 240 volt rated disconnect on 460.

What is more efficient to run a pool pump on 120 Volt or 240 Volt?


Can you plug a 250 volt appliance to 240 volt outlet?

Yes, the rating on a 240 volt receptacle is 250 volts.

How many watts is 240 volt 30 amp fuse rated for?

i have a 4800 watt heater that's 240 volts. What size breaker is needed?

Will you be able to use your electrical equipment in Mysore?

Voltage in Mysore is 230 volts to 240 volts, so an adapter will be needed to operate 100-volt appliances. Sockets are of the three round pin variety, similar (but not identical) to European sockets.

Can a 240 volt appliance operate off a 100 amp service?

Any number of 240 volt appliances can be added to the distribution panel as long as they do not total more than 100 amps. Keep in mind that a 240 volt appliance uses two breaker spaces for a two pole feeder breaker. For every two pole breaker that is installed in the panel, it uses two spaces that could be used for two 120 volt circuits.

If a receptical outlet doesn't have neutral wire where is my problem?

The receptacle that you are looking at might be a 240 volt receptacle and that is the reason, there is no neutral needed. You should be able to tell by the configuration of the blade pattern if it is rated for 240 volt operation.

Can you connect a 240 volt washer and dryer stackable plug into a 120 volt outlet?

No. Don't do it. You need 240 volt supply.

Can you plug a 220 volt appliance into a 240 volt mains?

Yes, the appliance is within the acceptable 220 to 240 volt range.

Is a 10 ampere fuse suitable for 240 volt?

Yes a 10 amp fuse can be used to protect a 240 volt circuit. The amperage rating of a fuse is based on the given amperage load of the circuit. The voltage rating on a fuse must match or be higher than the voltage that is applied to the fuse. In other words you can not use a 240 volt fuse on a 277, 347, 480 or 600 volt circuit but it can be used on a 120 volt, Manufactures of switching equipment today make it impossible to interchange different voltage fuses to be installed in higher voltage switches.