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The Milky Way Galaxy The milky way.

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Q: What galaxy are humans apart of?
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What is the name of the galaxy that we're apart of?

The Milky Way is the name of the galaxy we are apart of.

What galaxy is earth apart of?

The Milky Way Galaxy.

Which type of the galaxy is the sun apart of?

A barred spiral galaxy,

Is the galaxy apart of the solar system?

No. The solar system is part of the galaxy.

Which galaxy do humans live in?

Our galaxy is officially known as the Milky Way.

What is a member of the Andromeda Galaxy?

It is apart of the Local Group.

Why do some galaxies look redder than others?

It's called red shift. It is how further apart a galaxy is. So the redder the Galaxy the further apart it will be.

Which Galaxy does humans live in?

The milky way

Did saber-toothed tigers like humans?

No they lived apart from humans =]

Is there a space laboratory in the galaxy today?

Any space laboratory is inside our Galaxy. Humans are not yet able to travel beyond our galaxy.

How come in Star Wars humans are in another galaxy?

Because most actors are humans.

Are humans alone?

humans are not alone their are millions of creatures lying in space . These are called aliens . They have UFOs . When the earth comes to an end we can go to different galaxy's but their are no aliens in are galaxy.

What is the German word for galaxy?

The German word for galaxy is "Galaxie" which is pronounced almost the same apart from the first A which is pronounced like the A in harbor

Is the universe apart of the Milky Way galaxy?

Nope, other way around: The Milky Way - our home galaxy - is part of the universe.

What is your solar system apart of?

our solar system is part of the milky way galaxy

Does a black hole at the center of your galaxy keep your galaxy from flying apart?

No. The galaxy is held together by the mutual gravity of every object in the galaxy. The central black hole accounts for only a tiny fraction of that mass.

Is a galaxy apart of the solar system?

If you mean "a part", it's the other way round: the Solar System is a part of the Milky Way galaxy.

Are humans a part of the natural process?

NO humans are not apart of the natural process because natural means (nature)we are apart of some tipe of grass or tree or something.

What keeps the stars in the galaxy from moving apart?

That is still being debated but i think it is Gravity

What smartphone should I get apart from the iPhone?

A blackberry, HTC, Samsung Galaxy or LG Optimus.

What galaxy is Saturn apart of?

Saturn is in the same planetary system as Earth, the Solar Sytem. This system is in turn part of the galaxy known as The Milky way.

Do vampires have a shadow?

No they don't. This is a way to tell them apart from humans.

What is another name for the IC 1101 galaxy?

IC 1101 is a supergiant lenticular galaxy at the center of the Abell 2029 galaxy cluster.It has no other names apart from catalog designations of UGC 9752 and PGC 54167

How do penguins tell each other apart?

As humans we have a hard time telling penguins apart. However, They can tell each other apart by distinct vocalizations.

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a lion has no natural enemies in the wild apart from humans