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Are Wiis good?

YES! Wii is the best game console ever!

Will American Wii games work on an Australian Wii console?

SORRY! Only American wii games work with American wiis. Unless hacking or modding works!

Will a Australian Wii console work in the UK?

yes but the games you buy there wont, Australian wiis are PAL, whereas American and UK are NTSC

On the wiis virtual console how many Wii points equal a dollar?

A Wii points card costs $20, and gives you 2,000 points, so that means 100 points is equal to one dollar.

Do PS1 games work in wiis?


Do PS2 games work in Wiis?


Do UK Nintendo WII games work on Australian Nintendo WIIs?

No. Only Games bought from the Uk can be played on a Uk wii console. You could crack it but afterwards the Wii would be like a brick.

How do you play Mario Kart with two wiis?

you cant, you only need one wii console.

Are black Nintendo wiis available in America?

Yes. -TB

Do UK Nintendo wii games work on us Nintendo wiis?

Actually they don't because they are REGION LOCKED. This means it can only play video games from the same country or region that it was purchased from. If you have a US bought console you will have to buy US/Canadian games. If you had a UK bought console you would only be able to play UK games.

Do wii u games work on Nintendo wiis?


Can Indian Wii cds work on us Wii?

Probably not, (Ahem) There are 2 regions of Wiis. PAL and NTSC. PAL Wiis can only play PAL games. NTSC games can only be played by NTSC Wiis. NTSC is usually for The USA, PAL is generally for everywhere else. There are also NTSC-J Wiis in japan.

Can Wiis play gameculb games?

yes they can play both

Do japan Nintendo Wii games work on us Nintendo Wiis?

not some games but some games do

Do Thai Nintendo Wii games work on UK Nintendo wiis?


Can you use one Grill Off with Ultra Hand WiiWare code on multiple Wiis?

No you can only use it once on one console.

When was WiiS created?

WIIS was created in 1978.

How do you get a Nintendo Wii modded?

Proffesional Console Modifiers modify Wiis and other great consoles and sell them on E-bay for ridiculous prices.

Will games for the Wii U work with previous Wiis?

No, the original Wii cannot play Wii U games

Can you put music on a blank music cd-r on a wii?

No. Wiis cannot burn data to disc, and CDs are not useable in a Wii console.

Do US Nintendo Wii games work on AU Nintendo Wiis?

I know that the US games do not work on Europian wiis and visa versa, this is also true for the Japanese version, so I would guess that a US game will not work on an AU wii

How do you make pal Wii games work on us Wii?

You can't, Wiis are region locked.

Where in japan are Wiis made?

the wiis were made in china thank you very much

What was available in the shops in the Victorian time?

Not much just; PS2's, Xbox 360's, and Nintendo wiis. No Gameboys!

Are us Wii games compatible with the UK Wii?

No they are not. UK Wiis run PAL games only. US Wiis run NTSC games only. Although you can make your Wii region free, which will let it play games from all over the world. You will need to softmod or chipmod your wii to do this. Softmodding is easy to do though (you can check this easy guide out for more info: