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What games are there in a casino?


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Top Online Casino Games

Online Blackjack

There are many variations of of online blackjack. But the basic objective of the game is tobeat the dealer. You can do so by having a hand that is close to 21 if not the exact number. You can "hit" when you feel that you still need more cards or "stand" if you are already contented with what you have.

Roulette Wheel

Roulette is a French word that means "small wheel". You can choose to place your bets on either a number, a range of numbers, the color red or black, or whether the number is odd or even. A croupier spins the wheel in one direction then the ball in the opposite direction to determine the winning number and color combination.

Online Slot Machine Games

Known as "slot machine" to Americans, "fruit machine" to the British and "poker machine" to Aussies. You need to push the button to spin the reels and the machine base your price on the patterns of symbols when it stops.

Online Poker Games

Poker games online are cheaper compared to traditional brick and mortar casino games but it can be more vulnerable to fraud although sites have provided an IP addresses checker to prevent this.


Online Bingo is very easy to play. It is just like playing bingo in traditional casinos but only virtually. The best thing about this game is that it builds community because it has a chat function. It enables player to interact with each other.

Texas Holdem Poker Set

It is a well-known poker game whether it by in a physical casino or online. The cards are dealt in a random order. The goal of the game is to make decisions correctly by doing mathematical computation so that a player can decide whether to raise or fold.

Online Baccarat

The game that you'll often see in James Bond movies. There are two or more punters playing against the banker. The player who has two or three card nearest to nine wins. This may sound easy, but this game is one of hardest to master strategy-wise. This is the case whether playing in a traditional casino or playing online Bacarrat.

Online Craps

In craps, a player are playing against the bank or against the other players. It is a fight between the house and the the player shooting the dice called the shooter. Other players can participate by placing bet either on the banker or on the shooter. If you are the shooter, you can place bet on yourself by betting on the house. The same goes in Online Craps. The only difference is that the player only has to click a button to role the dice.

Online Keno

Online keno is very similar to lottery game and bingo game. It is a game of luck. This game started by using fictional horses that race against each other to pick the winning numbers. Nowadays you can play Keno via the internet. They use random number generator to select the those numbers. The government sometimes use this game to raise money for civic, military and charitable funds.