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The gases in gas we exhale are mostly carbon dioxide and 4% to 5% less oxygen than was inhaled. Additionally, vapors and trace gases are present: 5% water vapor, several parts per million (ppm) of hydrogen & carbon monoxide, 1 ppm of ammonia and less than 1 ppm of acetone, methanol, ethanol and other volatile organic compounds.

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What gas do we breath?

This gas is oxygen from air.

What is the waste gas called that you breath out of your lungs?

Carbon-Dioxide is the gas we breath out. But is also the gas trees need to keep alive.

Is oxygen the gas that helps you breath?

yes oxygen is the gas that helps us breath without it we would die

Plants breath in which gas?

Plants breath in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

What is a gas that we breath out?

Carbon dioxide

What is the gas that plants breath in?

carbon dioxide

What gas in the air do you need to breath?


What gas is unaffected when people breath?


Is methane a bad gas to breath?


What fish do with gas?

the gas is may be another chemical that the fish can breath at the surface an can help to make the fish can breath at small air and big water.

Is it ok to hold your breath in scuba?

Cannot. You have to breath normally with the tank gas. Keep on breathing.

What is the second most common gas found in air you breath?

This gas is oxygen - 20,946 %.

How does a raccoon do its gas exchange?

their lungs!! (i.e. breath in-&-out...)

What gas do animals make?

They breath out arbon dioxide

Which gas is 20 percent the air that you breath?


What gas is present in exhaled breath?

carbon dioxide

How does breathing demonstrate that gases are fluids?

Your breath is a gas

Why can you see your breath on cold mornings?

Because your breath is warm, the air is cold, they meet, and the become a gas that you can see.

Why is nitrogen dangerous?

Nitrogen gas makes up approx 72% of the air we breath, it is none toxic, however if you breath pure nitrogen gas you asphyxiate and die because there is no oxygen, the gas we need to stay alive.

What do you use to breath the lungs or the heart?

You use your lungs to breath. Your heart pumps the blood round your body (including into and out of the lungs where gas exchange occurs when you breath).

What gas do plants breath out?

The fuilid gas helps the plant breathn everyday intil it die out.

What Makes You Gas?

It is mainly caused by the wind we breath and the certain food we eat that causes gas.

Is methane gas the worst gas to breath in?

No, but methane is the worst gas for the ozone layer. Hope this was helpfull! From Lil' boff.

A gas has?

A gas is something you would find mostly in carbon dioxide which is what we breath in. Gas is in lots of things. Like liquid.

What is the most comen gas?

The most common atmospheric gas is nitrogen. 78% of every breath you take is nitrogen gas.

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