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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is required for photosynthesis.

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Which gas is required for photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the gas required for photosynthesis.

Which gas is absorbed by plants in order to perform photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide is required for photosynthesis.

What is required for photosynthesis to happen?

Sunlight, water, carbon dioxide gas and chlorophyll in leaves.

What products does photosynthesis produce that are needed for cellular respiration?

Photosynthesis produces oxygen gas and glucose. These products are both required to run cellular respiration.

Gas necessary for life?

The gas necessary for life on this plant is CO2, carbon dioxide is required for photosynthesis. Oxygen is a by-product that we, as humans require.

Is required for photosynthesis?

if you are asking what is required for photosynthesis, it is sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.

What gas is released as a result of photosynthesis?

photosynthesis releases oxygen gas

Is chloryphll required for photosynthesis?

Yes, chlorphyll is the pigment which captures the light required for photosynthesis

What gas used in cellular respiration that was produced in photosynthesis?

The gas is oxygen.Oxgen is used in photosynthesis and produced in photosynthesis.

What does the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide do for the atmosphere?

It increase the temperature of environment, required gas for photosynthesis process and lots of benefits associated if released in limited amount

What gas is given off in photosynthesis?

Oxygen gas is given off in photosynthesis.

Gas used in photosynthesis?

Carbon Dioxide is a type of gas used in photosynthesis.

Which gas do plant use in photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide is the gas used in photosynthesis.

What gas is required to start stage 3 of photosynthesis?

Oxygen is used where as in photo-respiration Carbon dioxide is used. Oxygen used in photosynthesis comes out as carbon dioxide as a bi-product.

TW Engelmann was the first to observe that photosynthesis required?

he found out that yellow and red light are required in photosynthesis

What gas do plant use during photosynthesis?

What gas do plants use during photosynthesis

What gas is released in photosynthesis?

Oxygen Is Released in Photosynthesis.

What is the reactant gas in photosynthesis and a product of photosynthesis?

Reactant gas is CO2.Produced gas is O2.Glucose is the main product.

What are the raw materials required for photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide, water, and light energy are the required raw materials for photosynthesis.

The type of gas that is released into the air after photosynthesis?

Oxygen is a type of gas released into the air after photosynthesis.

The gas produced by photosynthesis?

The gas produced by photosynthesis is oxygen. Photosynthesis is a process that occurs in green plants and other organisms that contain chlorophyll.

What gas do plants need for photosynthesis to take place?

The gas that plants need for photosynthesis is carbon dioxcide it is the only gas they take in.

What four things are required for photosynthesis?

Four things required for photosynthesis are chlorophyll, light energy, carbon dioxide, and water.

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