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What gas law applies to aerosol cans being stored in a cool place?


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Don't really know if this is what your asking but P1/T1= P2/T2 should show how the pressure varies with temperature (V is left out because it's constant since the gas is trapped in an aerosol can). As the temperature rises the pressure rises and if it gets too high then the can explodes, which is why it should be stored in a cool place. There's also PV=nRT might be kind of hard to find moles (n) though.

the ideal gas law will provide a rough estimate for the P V T properties of the vapor in the cans.


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From a legal perspective, in the United States, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) would govern the requirement to safely/properly store hazardous materials. The Code of Federal Regulations, which would apply, is 29 CFR 1910.