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You will need a intake manifold set and possibly a plenum gasket set.

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Q: What gaskets will you need to repair a coolant leak coming from the intake manifold on a 1996 Camaro 3800 V6?
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Why is the coolant is coming out your car?

Because it's leaking somewhere. Other than lines in the cooling system, head and intake manifold gaskets are a possibility.

Where is the Map sensor is a 99 camaro?

On a 1999 Camaro, the map sensor is located on the back of the intake manifold. The intake manifold is the series of tubing that distributes the air coming into the engine.

Coolant leak coming from behind the power steering pump could it be freeze plugs you have changed water pump and all hoses and it is not coming from those?

Year, make, model and engine info would help but, the intake manifold gaskets are known to leak coolant on many Chevy/GMC engines.

Where is the egr valve on 92 camaro?

The egr valve should be coming off of the exhaust manifold.

What makes a car idle to drop when coming to a stop?

the inlet manifold could Be leaking so check the gaskets or the injector seals

Ford bronco exhaust coming threw vents?

it sounds like your exhaust manifold gaskets are leaking or you half a hole in your Y pipe

Why would oil be on the intake manifold on a Chevy 350?

Probably a gasket or seal. Could be the rocker cover gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, or end rail seals. Have even seen the oil pressure sender leak and spray up onto the manifold. Get everything cleaned up real good and you'll be able to see where it's coming from.

Oil leaking onto exhaust manifold Toyota Camry?

The oil leak is coming from the valve cover gasket and leaking onto the exhaust manifold, the rubber valve cover gaskets get hard from the engine heat and start to leak, you will have to replace the rubber valve cover gaskets to stop the oil leak

Coolant is leaking from 96 grand Jeep Cherokee only when jeep is running is that the water pump?

usually coolant leaks come from bad gaskets... or a bad water pump.. i would say drain the system and run water through the radiator (do NOT drive with water in the radiator, your engine will surely overheat!) and see if you can spot where the coolant is coming from... if it is coming from the engine block then you might have bad gaskets.. if not then it's the water pump.

There's a engine coolant leak in my 98 Monte Carlo where could the possible hole be?

im having the same problem with my 99. i know the V6 engines have problems with the intake manifold gaskets. only problem is my leak is coming from somewhere by the reservoir as well. check the gaskets and see if it is leaking around them. if not...hop on the troubleshoot train that I've gotten onto. good luck bro, they are great cars. i love mine.

Why would there be white smoke coming out of a 1995 Crown Victoria exhaust?

Also losing coolant i believe. That would most likely be head gaskets. And hopefully only that.

96 ford mustang that is leaking coolant were the oil pan and front of the motor come together It already has new manifold no coolant in the oil Where is fluid coming from?

Check the water pump. Examine it for traces of dried coolant that might be leaking out of the casting.

What else could coolant be leaking if you have already replaced the heater core and water pump?

You just have to see where it is leaking. There are numberous gaskets and hoses it can be coming from. Have it preasurized and it will be easier to find.

How do you know wen your head gaskets are bad?

You may have bad head gaskets when,you are losing engine coolant and you don't see any see a white smoke (steam) coming from the exhaust have a sweet smell coming from the exhaust see air bubbles in the radiator coolant with the radiator cap off and engine running.

What does fluid that appears to be engine coolant coming from the muffler indicate?

HeyHoward==If it is coolant the engine will overheat quickly and the engine will smoke white smoke. The head gaskets will need replaced. It can be normal condensation if it is pretty clear water. Good luck, Joe

Reasons for water coming out of the exhaust manifold of a vauxhall astra?

check your coolant levels & if car overheating, might well be the cylinder head gasket is away.

Where is the Coolant Temperature sensor located on a 99 Camaro 3.8L.?

It is on the front of the intake it has three wires coming out of it done had to replace 1 myself the water pump is right below it

Why does oil leak down from above your Chevy 350 oil filter even after changing valve cover gaskets?

If it's not coming from the valve cover gaskets, could be from the rear rail of the intake manifold, or maybe it's from the oil filter seal, or possibly the pipe plug above the oil filter.

When is the new camaro coming out?


Why would your 1995 Chevy Camaro white smoke coming out of exhaust?

its coolant could be a head gasket or the coolant can actually rust trew the block or the head check the dip stick if its a creamy and it smells nasty or check you colant if it smell like cofe then you know coolant is getting in were its not supose to. white is coolant blue is oil and black is fuel hop that can help you

How do you know when your head gaskets are bad?

You may have bad head gaskets when,you are losing engine coolant and you don't see any leaks. you see a white smoke (steam) coming from the exhaust pipe. you have a sweet smell coming from the exhaust pipe. you see air bubbles in the radiator coolant with the radiator cap off and engine running. you see a milky substance collecting on the engines dip stick and/or engines oil cap..

When your driver side of the engine is smoking what do it means?

It's difficult to say, without seeing where under the hood it's coming from. You could have a bad exhaust manifold gasket, leaking exhaust. You could have valve cover gaskets leaking or seeping oil, which would drain onto the hot exhaust manifold, and burn off... If you can provide more information on where the smoke is coming from, there may be a better answer.

Why does coolant appear to be leaking from the oil pan gasket on a 2001 Chevy silverado 5.3?

the water pump gaskets start to leak (right or left, or both) and the coolant runs down the block to the oil pan/ block joint and appears to be coming from the oil pan. follow the leak closely, and you will probably see that it is coming from above the oil pan in the front.

Repairs1997 Pontiac grand prix 38l coolant was leaking took it to the shop and was told it was the intake manifold sounds strange help any one who knows thanks?

Where was the leak coming from? the coolant has some pathways that go to the intake. that's to warm up the air.the most important question is where the coolant was leaking from?

99 GMC Suburban 4x4 w 350 - you have a small antifreeze leak behind the left exhaust manifold looking from the front you can not see well enough to tell where it might be coming from Any ideas?

i have had an antifreze leak also but at the front it was the intake gaskets and have two frends with tahoes that needed intake gaskets also