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What gauge barbell do they pierce your tongue with?


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Barbell PiercingWhen a tongue is pierced, they usually start off with 14g. The higher the number, the thinner the barbell and the lower the number ex: 10 gauge, the thicker the barbell.

Best is to start off with the smallest. You will barely feel it in your tongue and slowly move your way down to a thicker gauge if you want.


i got mine done 2 weeks ago and started with a 14gauge. My piercier informed me that---14 is the start off for your tongue!


You can have it pierced at any gauge you wish. In general if a specific gauge isn't requested you will end up with a 14 in your tongue. 16's are simply too small and will easily rip out. I personally don't think any piercings should be done with anything smaller than a 12g because they are all too thin. I have never had anything pierced smaller than a ten.

i would only really get a 14 gage cause that's all they pretty much sell in getting mine and i will be 16 soon.........


Just so you know...the bigger the number, the smaller the barbell actually is. A 16 is actually going to be smaller than a 12, or the standard 14 that they use for piercing tongues.

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Depends on the size of the tongue getting pierced, the professional body piercer will measure the tongue to ensure the correct size is used.

Sure take the 12g barbell out for about a week maybe two then put a 14g barbell in the piercing, it should have shrunk by that time.

Well the only way to put anything into a tongue is to use a needle to pierce the tongue first then put a barbell into the newly pierced hole. (Please quit calling it a tongue ring, it's a barbell and not a ring).

It's based on the thickness of the tongue with an allowance for swelling, a professional body piercer will be able to asses the size required for the tongue being pierced.

It depends on gender and the eyebrow. Female 18g or 16g . Male 16g or 14g

It might be. If you put in a barbell that is a smaller gauge than your piercing, then it is a possiblity (depending on how old the piercing is) that it may shrink down to the size of the gauge you have in it.

Generally a 14 gauge barbell, this may differ depending on preference.

To unlock a barbell on a tongue ring a person needs to turn it in the right direction. This is possible by holding the bottom of the barbell still.

YOU DON'T. How in the heck would you shove such a blunt and wide bar through your tongue? Piercing your own tongue is a horrible idea. You could hit an artery and bleed to death. Go to a professional

The barbell has to be longer to allow the tongue to swell, failure to allow for room can result in the barbell being pulled into the piercing and requiring surgical intervention to remove it from the tongue.

I was actually pierced with a 10g (standard initial gauge is 16), but you can go as large as you want (eg: 00)

A tongue with a barbell in it.

they did mine with an 18g. you cant go any smaller or else the skin can grown over the piercing as its healing..not good!

Yes, you can. Most barbells made for the tongue are 14 gauge, so your ear piercing would need to be 14 gauge (much thicker than a regular earring). A labret is another option, as they are usually shorter.

3/4 of an inch from the tip of the tongue, too far back will require a very long barbell and the swelling can be dangerous not to mention the chances of triggering the gag reflex.

No, the barbell is too short and your tongue is swelling. The barbell should always be longer for new piercings due to swelling, contact your piercer to see about getting a longer barbell. If left the tongue will swell to a point that will cause the barbell ball to be pulled into the tongue, get on some ice to control the swelling and contact your piercer.

That's not recommended because it would hurt because you are piercing it with a smaller size then you are going to have in.

Hi, body jewelry is measured in two ways-the thickness (gauge) and the size of the wearable area. The high the gauge, the thinner the jewelry. A typical tongue barbell is 14 gauge, 5/8". The 5/8" refers to the length of the shaft that actually goes through the tongue.

You dont wear a tongue ring actually it's a tongue barbell.

The barbell has to be longer to allow the tongue to swell, failure to allow for room can result in the barbell being pulled into the piercing and requiring surgical intervention to remove it from the tongue.

Each barbell is scaled to the size of the tongue to be pierced therefore there is no "actual size" barbell for tongues, this is why you need to have the piercing done by a professional body piercer who will scale and measure the tongue and place the correctly sized barbell into the piercing.

DON'T PIERCE THE MUSCLE. Use the skin in front of the muscle. My webbing just got pierced nd I pierced it wrong nd I pierced it trhough the muscle it is not the width of 5 quarters stacked up together... The PREFERRED tools to use: 16 gauge hollow needle gloves (if comfortable, some find it to get in the way of piercing his/her tongue web) A 16 gauge circular barbell/captive bead/curved barbell (doesn't matter) Okay, I find that my tongue web has this little part in the middle that is thicker than the rest of my web, kind of like 2 mini balls on the side of my web. DO NOT PIERCE THIS. Pierce above it. Make sure to take care of the piercing, it can become infected easily, it may also reject. Swelling is normal for 7-10 days. Hope this helped. (:

This too shall pass, buy a new barbell or just wait.

Nothing. The initial barbell you get is long because it has to accommodate for swelling. Its the same kind of barbell, just longer than what youre gonna wear once the swelling is gone

The standard gauge for tongue piercing is 14g (1.6mm) by 3/4" ~ 7/8" (18 ~ 20mm) initially to allow for swelling in the first two to three weeks post piercing. Once the swelling has resolved the barbell should be stepped down in lenght to 5/8" (16mm) to prevent catching the barbell with the teeth and doing any dental damage.

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