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Once you have achieved highway speed, you would stay in the highest gear, except for steep uphill or downhill grades.

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Q: What gear would you most likely use in the highway driving?
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What would driving in first gear at highway speed for 30 minutes do to a car?

Common cars can't do highway speeds (65 mph) in first gear and many have rev limiters.

What would driving in second gear at highway speeds for ten mintues do to a car?

It would shorten the life span of the engine some.

What is the d with the circle for on a Mercury Sable gear shift?

it is to select "overdrive" gear in transmission. mainly for highway driving. if you have both "D" and "D" with circle around it, use "D" for most driving needs.

Which gear turns faster if the driving gear is larger than the drive gear?

The drive gear will turn faster.If the driving gear was twice the size of the drive gear, the drive gear would rotate twice for every revolution of the said driving gear.

Why would your 89 740gle shift into a lower gear when you press the OD button on the shifter?

OD is a highway gear meant to maintain high speed with less engine effort, you should keep it off during regular street driving to prevent constant shifting in and out. When you are pushing the button it is dropping out of over drive and into the regular high gear, keep it that way until you are on the highway and your transmission will last longer.

Is driving in 5th gear right for highway?

Yes under normal driving conditions. In fact most vehicles will operate just fine in fifth gear anytime above 50 mph and will help your gas mileage. The exception would be if you are in mountainous terrain and your vehicle seems to be struggling going up hill. So basically anytime your vehicle operates normally fifth gear is a good choice.

Why does Lanos slow down in 5th gear?

Fifth gear is like overdrive, it is meant for flat open highway driving. It is a gas saving gear so that you can travel at highway speeds at low rpm and your engine is just too small to use that gear at any other time. So use it on flat or slightly down sloped roads, fourth should be your normal gear for from about 45 to 65.

What is a driving gear?

In a vehicle, a driving gear is the gear which is driven by the engine. The driving gear helps control the speed the vehicle is in.

Can driving a car in D-3 as opposed to D drive gear at highway speeds for half an hour harm the transmission?

depending on the type of vehicle you own yes it can harm your transmission. i would always use D due to better gas mileage, and smoother driving.

What causes a 1993 Ford Probe to get stuck in 5th gear while driving on the highway?

Check fluid level, (90 weight oil)

What is the gear ratio on a stock 1973 Nova 4 door 307?

More than likely a 3.08 gear ratio. which is a highway gear and a little strip very little unless not stock clutch/torque conveter

How would you use gear in a sentence?

When driving, there gears you switch to.

91 foxbody mustang gt If the rear end gear were changed to a 373 gearwill that produce additional wear and tear on the motor?

When you are driving on the highway / freeway your engine will be revving higher , your maximum speed will be reduced , with your engine revving higher it will most likely be noisier and I'm assuming your gas mileage would be poorer , just like not using your overdrive

What is over drive and when do you use it?

its 4th gear in an automatic. its used to cut down on gas usage while driving on the highway or just every day driving. it should automatically engage when in D4 on the shift column.

Which is the correct drive gear for city and highway driving on a 1990 Honda Accord EX?

whaat? well if its automatic, then just put it in d or d4 and it will be automatic. Since it is an old car you don't want to have the engine go at high rpm's usually above 3500. So on the highway keep it at the lowest gear, 5th for a stick. and shift the gear when you hit 3000 rpm's.

What does driving in second gear do to a Lexus driving on high way speed?

Well, driving at highway speeds in any vehicle in 2nd gear, will raise the RPM of the engine, meaning that the engine is working that much harder to maintain the speed. As the engine constantly revs at a higher RPM, it heats up alot quicker, which in the end could do alot of damage to your car. And if its a Lexus, i would advise to SWITCH gears and keep an eye on your RPM and temperature gauge

What gear do you use when driving downhill with automatic transmission?

For normal highway driving unless it is a very long or steep hill you are probably better off to leave it in overdrive or drive depending on the transmission you have. Selecting a lower gear will let the engine help you control your speed but you don't want to overspeed the engine either. So, if you are on a paved road I'd recommend you never go to any gear lower than second gear. If you are driving off road in hilly and rough terrain, low gear may be appropriate then.

When should a driver will use the 2?

Driver use gear 'L' or '2' when driving uphill or downhill which required higher gear ratio to move the uphill. Downhill wise, driver use '2' or 'L' for safety purpose. The low gear ratio will use the high gear ratio to slow down the speed of driving downhill and creating 'pulling' force on your car to safety purposes. Gear '2' can be use for overtaking on the highway too provided at the appropriate speed.

Are there any dodge neon manual transaxials that would adapt to a 1995 neon sport that would give you a higher gear range for thrifty freeway driving?

Yes, just use the transmission from a 95-99 DOHC neon. Sohc transmissions had a 3.55, Dohc's had a 3.94 Makes for great acceleration on the highway even in 5th gear.

Gear box atos year 2003 problem jump gear while driving?

If your gearbox in the Atos 2003 has a problem of jumping gear when driving, this may be due to a problem with the crankshaft. However, it would be best to have the problem diagnosed by a professional mechanic.Ê

Why does my 1997 mirage pop out of gear when driving?

a possibility would be the clutch is going out.

What does it mean when your driving on a highway and your gear shift knob starts emitting smoke from it and smells like burnt rubber?

Your Overdrive Button on your shifter is shorting out & melting,Replace it!

Why would the overdrive off light not go out driving on the highway at 3000 rpm?

Even after pushing the overdrive cancel button again ? to allow the overdrive feature On my Ford Explorer with the column shift automatic , the overdrive switch is on the end of the gear selector lever

How much would it cost to fix your transmission if you are running on 3 speed instead of 4 on a highway which causes your rpm too be high?

Driving in 3rd gear instead of fourth will not affect your transmission as much as your engine. In fact, if you are driving in a manner that causes a lot of shifting between 3rd and 4th, it may be easier on the transmission to leave it in 3rd. If your transmission needs fixed, I don't think it would be from leaving it in 3rd gear. As far as cost, it will vary greatly depending on what needs done and what type of car you have.

Is gear a force multiplier or a speed multiplier?

Both. A small driving gear and a large driven gear is a force multiplier. Whilst a large driving gear and a small driven gear is a speed multiplier