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i don't give a fkcu

ok i love Texas but not Texas histroy


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in what direction do the rivers of Texas flow?Heyyyy!!! That is the ? that Im asking!!!!!! Y dont u just look it up like any normal person?

oklahoma's rivers flow south-east

The Continental Divide (in North America) marks the direction (towards the Pacific or Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico) rivers flow.

All rivers DON'T flow in the same direction, in the sense of North or West, but they do all flow down hill because that is the way gravity and water interact.

Rivers always flow downhill, regardless of compass direction. It is a myth that rivers "normally" flow from north to south.

Erosion, tidal effect and shifts in the earths tectonic cause the flow to change direction

most rivers in texas flow into what body of water

Rivers flow in any direction they choose, constantly shifting and changing course in their search for a lower elevation.

Rivers can flow in any compass direction, a river will always flow downhill.

They flow to the southeast because the land is higher in the northwest.

The continental divide determines which direction the rivers flow. Water seeks to find its way to the sea by the easiest route.

All rivers flow down slope and usually towards the Sea.

It flows south and it is located east of Texas.

Rivers flow from the source, downhill to the mouth. Rivers flow and empty into the ocean, lake, sea, or other body of water.

It is a high point or ridge that determines the direction rivers flow.

It is one of the few rivers that flows from south to north

Small streams flow into rivers and the rivers flow to bigger rivers.

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