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Who wrote always where i need to be by the kooks?

luke pritchard, the lead singer from the kooks

Who is better the Kooks or Arctic Monkeys?

The Kooks because they are smarter than the Monkeys

When was Kooks - song - created?

Kooks - song - was created in 1971-06.

Where can one find a copy of Naive the Kooks?

One can obtain an MP3 download of Naive by the Kooks from the Amazon website. They lyrics can be found on Metrolyrics, and there is also a video on YouTube of the Kooks performance.

What does the shop kooks unlimited sell?

Kooks Unlimited sells cooking and baking goods, notably cookie cutters.

When was Shine On - The Kooks song - created?

Shine On - The Kooks song - was created on 2008-07-07.

When was Sway - The Kooks song - created?

Sway - The Kooks song - was created on 2008-10-13.

If you like the kooks who else will you like?

Well, I love the Kooks and I also like The Killers, Artic Mokeys ect. Dunno if that helps? :)

Is the band The Kooks from Australia?

No. They're from England.

What is the function of a national convention?

You kooks should read Adam Smith: TheWealth of Nations You kooks should read Adam Smith: TheWealth of Nations

A song that goes she's out to get me?

I believe its Naive by the Kooks

Is Max Rafferty from The Kooks gay?

he said he was gay until he was 18.

What is the best kooks song?

Naive is a Good song, But its a matter of opinion.

What is the newest kooks album called?

konk, named after the studio they recorded it at

What date was Max Rafferty from the kooks born?

He was born in: Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England

Who is the kooks lead singer?

Luke Pritchard. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luke_Pritchard

What are some good indie rock bands?

The Kooks Arctic Monkeys Oasis

Who were Mussolini's close friends?

Hitler, Brucester bear, Charlie Chaplain, the Kooks!

What is the kooks new album?

Album 1: Inside In/Inside Out Album 2: Konk The Kooks also released Rak, which is a special edition of the album Konk, containing extra songs and acoustic versions of existing songs.

What nicknames does KC Concepcion go by?

KC Concepcion goes by KC, Kace, and Kooks.

Where can one watch episodes of The Kooks?

One can watch episodes of the Kooks on television or one may opt-in to video-on-demand services like iTunes, Google Play Store, Netflix, Hulu or one may download them from the Piratebay for free.

What album of lily allens was Nieve?

It's not on any album. She a cover. its originaly sung by the kooks

Who does the song Shine On in that beer commercial?

"The Kooks", the song is called "Shine On" and its off the "Konk" album...

Where can one find the lyrics to Ooh La by The Kooks?

One can find the lyrics to Ooh La by The Kooks at AZ Lyrics, Metro Lyrics, Lyrics Mania, Absolutely Lyrics, Lyrics 007, Sing 365, Lyrics Mode, Song Meanings and many more.

Where can one find lyrics to songs by The Kooks?

There are lots of lyrics websites that will give you access to all the song lyrics from your favourite artists, but the website AZ lyrics lists the Kooks' songs by year and album. This makes it quick and painless to find the exact song you are looking for.

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