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The snow in Russia was a big factor. It was hard for Napoleon to mobilize his forces through all of the snow. His forces were also unprepared for the weather conditions. Along with this they faced fevers and colds which put even more of a damper on his forces.

The English Channel was also a big factor in Napoleon's conquests. It would have been an unwise move to send troops across the English Channel when the British had one of the most superior naval forces of their time. Sending the troops to Britain would have been a waste of his forces.

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What prevented Napoleon from conquering Russia and the United Kingdom?

Lack of resources and the English Channel.

What geographic or natural factors prevented Napoleon from conquering Russia and the United Kingdom?

Napoleon's Army was defeated by the vast distance across Russia and the English Channel has been a serious challenge and protective moat for centuries.

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What was the country not conquered by Napoleon?

The United Kingdom.

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What country was Napoleon unable to defeat?

The United Kingdom.

Who was Napoleon Bonaparte's biggest rival?

The United Kingdom.

Natural factors prevented Napoleon from conquering Russia and the United Kingdom?

With regard to Russia, it is the sheer size of the country that creates the challenge. A Russian Army can retreat until the supply chain of an invading Army can no longer be managed and falls of its own weight. The UK is an Island Nation with a superb Navy and Naval Tradition to its credit. The English Channel is a defensive moat that even today is a serious challenge for any Amphibious Operation.

Who ran England before Napoleon?

Napoleon never invaded, conquered, occupied, ruled or ran the United Kingdom.

What country got rich from conquering and colonizing most of latin America?

United Kingdom (Britian)

Napoleon invaded Russia to teach who a lesson?

Napoleon was angry with Tsar Alexander I of Russia for trading with the United Kingdom. Therefore Napoleon sent his troops to invade Russia.

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What countries did not surrender to napoleon?

It never happened to the United Kingdom or to Portugal or Russia.

Which two nations was Napoleon unable to conquer?

Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia.

Which countries did Napoleon unsuccessfully try to defeat?

The United Kingdom, Portugal and Russia.

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Where did Napoleon stay in England for 2 years?

It was not Napoleon Bonaparte that lived in England, although he did live on the Island of St. Helena which belonged to the United Kingdom.

What were the responsibilities of the king of Mesopotamia?

The kings in Mesopotamia had various responsibilities such as, Running the kingdom (obviously), protection of the kingdom, conquering other kingdoms (if they wanted to), and creating a set of laws and punishments.

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What had a coastline on the baltic sea and was neither allied nor at war with Napoleon?

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Who had a coastline on the Baltic sea and was neither allied nor at war with napoleon?

it was the kingdom of sweden

What natural factors prevented Napoleon from conquering Russia and the United Kingdom?

The severity of the Russian winter. Plus the mass gathering of French soldiers in an adandoned Moscow inevitably resulted in ill-discipline, and ultimately the Moscow fire. As Napoleon was committed to sending so many soldiers to the East, and Britain's naval power was so immense, there was no real prospect of mounting a meaningful invasion of Britain. 'The natural' obstacle being the English Channel - although considerable British effort was spent in building shore defenses at the very beginning of the C19th (prior to the 'main' Russian conflict). Note also the difficulties of maintaining supply lines to the vast armies associated with Napoleonic warfare.

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Which two countries did Napoleon fail to conquer?

He failed to conquer Portugal, Russia and the United Kingdom.