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they are polygons ang quadrilaterals

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What is the basic geometric figures?

circle, square, triangle, rectangle

What 5 geometric figures are on a map?

circle triangle square rectangle

What are the basic geometric figures?

triangle circle rectangle square parallelogram rhombus

What geometric figures has 4 sides?

Quadrilaterals Ex. Square, Rectangle, Rhombus, Kite, Parallelogram

Calculate square feet?

If you want the surface of a rectangle, you multiply length by width - and if the measurements are in feet, the area will be in square feet. For other geometric figures, there are other formulae.

Is it possible to draw a rectangle that is not a square?

By definition, no rectangle is a square - they are two different figures. If you draw a true rectangle, it is not a square - it is a rectangle.

What rectangle is also a square?

A rhombus is another name for a geometric square.

What is a square root of a circle?

You take square roots from numbers, not from geometric figures.

What geometric figure has a measurable length?

Any two dimentional geometric figure has a measurable length. This measurement is called circumference. This is also called a plane figure. Examples of plane figures with measurable lengths are: triangle, square, circle, and rectangle.

What geometric figures did Kandinsky use for Autumn in Bavaria?


Area and perimeter of plane figures?

the area and perimeter of the plane figures are square ,rectangle

What is a geometric shape that has parallel lines as sides?

It is called a parallelogram. or a square........ or a rectangle.........

What are the four most basic geometric shapes?

Square, rectangle, circle and triangle.

What is a 4 sided geometric polygon?

A square, rectangle, trapazoid, and a rhombus are all examples of a 4 sided geometric polygon.

What is geometric figures?

these involves geometry and math it is the shape for example the circle and the square...................

What contains all geometric figures?

The only thing that can contain all geometric figures is the set of all geometric figures, which is an infinite set.

What are some geometric shapes?

Line, Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Trapezoid, Pyramid, Polyhedron.

What are some examples of simple geometric shapes?

square triangle circle oval rectangle polygon

What are the Geometric names for figures?

In general: figures, polygons, polyhedrons, shape, irregular, regular... Other examples: circle, triangle, square, quadrilateral, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, hexagon, heptagon, octogon... 13-gon -- seriously, 15-gon, centagon... it goes on...

Can figures have congruent angles but not be congruent figures?

The lengths of the sides need not be congruent. For example, consider a square and a rectangle.

What are the different kinds of plane figures?

circle triangle square rectangle trapezoid

What are the main geometric shapes?

There are many geometric shapes. But the square, octagon, rectangle, pentagon, triangle, circle, hexagon and heptagon would be considered the main shapes.

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