What gets bigger the more you take away from it and what gets wetter as it dries?

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A hole in the ground and a towel.

Your breasts are getting bigger why?

Puberty, weight gain and pregnancy can all cause this. Puberty and pregnancy cause it by changing the hormone levels in your body. Both of these processes is perfectly natural. DON'T ASSUME THE WORST!! . Weight gain can also cause this. When people gain weight, the weight is added to different are ( Full Answer )

What gets wetter as it dries?

A towel gets wetter as it dries you. YOU dry off while the TOWEL gets wet. a towel!! A Towel

What to do if she is getting away from you?

Answer. If she is getting away from you there has to be a reason she is moving on. Be smart and let her go, there are other women in this world who would probably be glad to have you.

Is the Atlantic Ocean getting bigger?

Yes, melting glaciers are causing the development of a larger Atlantic; Also, there is a mountain range in the middle of the Atlantic that has many volcanoes. The volcanoes are making the Atlantic bigger, and making the Pacific smaller. Eventually, North America is going to impact Asia.

Does water get bigger as it gets colder?

No, in fact, just the opposite. As water cools, the atoms move more slowly and the water actually decreases in volume. (however, only very slightly, as far as every day comparisons go) But just above freezing the density starts to lower again. If it were not for this fact, oceans and ponds would fr ( Full Answer )

How do you explain a towel gets wetter the more it dries?

It is a play on words. 'Dries' can mean both the act of drying something, or the process of something becoming dry by itself. So while the towel 'dries' something else, it is getting wetter, the opposite of what would happen if a towel 'dries' by being left on a towel rail.

Why is the Atlantic ocean getting bigger?

The Atlantic Ocean is growing bigger because of two divergent plate boundaries, the Eurasian Plate and the North American Plate. Each year, these two plates move farther and farther apart from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR). As these plates separate, oceanic lithosphere forms, resulting in the growth ( Full Answer )

Is the milky way getting bigger?

Yes it is believed that the Milky Way is getting bigger. A galaxy can only grow if it swallows mass from outside it. Galaxies merge and are absorbed by other galaxies in a process known as Galactic Cannibalism. It is currently believed that a dwarf Galaxy known as the Sagittarius Dwarf is bein ( Full Answer )

Why is Iceland getting bigger?

\nIceland is sitting upon the ridge (causing alot of volcanic and geothermal activity) where the Eurasian and North American plates meet. Actually, not 'meet' but move apart. There's a geothermal power plant (Nesjavellir) built in the 1980s in it, and (i've seen this) about 10 metres off the center ( Full Answer )

Is Chicago getting bigger or smaller?

Chicago, is experiencing a shift in population to more suburbanized. The city of Chicago proper is declining because of this. The Chicago metro known as chicagoland is growing, which the metro is what has to be measured to determine the health of Chicago. Chicagoland is in fact one giant metropolis ( Full Answer )

Is Russia getting bigger or smaller?

Neither. The size hasn't changed since the 1800's for the main part of the country. Since 1989 they have lost the satellite countries, but they were the buffer zones between the west and themselves.

Your breast are getting bigger why?

Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiti ( Full Answer )

Does your butt gets bigger when you get pregnant?

During this whole 9 month cycle of pregnancy the female body changes alot, the pelvic bones are already quite broad in females as compared to men (that's one of the ways how a female skeleton can be recognized) during pregnancy ... the body is preparing itself for the delivery of the child and all t ( Full Answer )

What do you feed a pleco when it gets bigger?

Not only will he look after any algae in the tank, he will also scavange for leftover fish food on the bottom. Another great food for them is to boil slices of cucumber or zucchini for a few mins, (boiling them makes them sink) and dropping a couple in every night. They LOVE that...or you can also b ( Full Answer )

Is the world getting bigger?

population wise, yes the world is not getting bigger its the population that's getting bigger. in India people have more children than people in the UK because in India the more children you have the more of a man you are

Is the Orion getting bigger?

The constellation Orion? It isn't getting any larger, or at least not quickly. Constellations are not actual objects; they are just lines that we (or our ancient ancestors!) imagined between the stars in the night sky. Some of the stars are close, while many of them are quite distant. Red giant star ( Full Answer )

Is the Earth getting bigger from dirt?

Do you mean dirt from space like meteorites and comet dust?If so the Earth also loses hydrogen and Helium which leak out into space so I would say that it about balances out

Why is your belly is getting bigger?

You aren't getting enough exercise and/or are eating too much food or unhealthy food. Try going out to jog or walk for an hour a day. Cut out all of the high cholesterol food you eat and replace it with others.

Why is it getting wetter in summer in the UK?

I think it's the opposite isn't it? summer in UK isn't very hot normally because of the north pole... But all the ice caps are melting, and everywhere is getting warmer. If the ice caps melt, that means that the north pole is getting warmer, and therefore the UK. In about 20 - 40 years, ap ( Full Answer )

How are jobs getting bigger?

jobs are getting bigger by the improvement in technology. This technology can bee seen throught the enprovement and enlargement of certain tools. These tools can maxamize you results in certain areas. . With jobs getting bigger and regularly used many more people are participating in work this bene ( Full Answer )

Why is space getting bigger?

That is an elegant question. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Even some of our best and brightest minds do not fully understand all the reasons. Our best theory today is that the universe and everything in it started with the "Big Bang." Prior to this, nothing existed. Not matter, not ( Full Answer )

How do our bones keep getting bigger?

what happens is that as you grow a tells the body to make your bones grow P.s Justin Bieber rocks I agree on a 50/50 basis because it is also vitamin D you know how vitamin D is in milk it makes your bones grow bigger and stronger and the sun is vitamin D also.

What should you do when your turtle is not getting bigger?

If I were you I would want to call and ask the vet if you need todo something different. If not then I would just feed it a LITTLE more not a lot just alittle because you don't want it to get overweight, you just wantto make it bigger. Also, look up your breed of turtle and find out what size theyus ( Full Answer )

What happens if your heart gets bigger?

Certain diseases cause the heart muscle to get big or flabby. In either, the heart can't pump as effectively. This can result in hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Attack, etc.

Does the hulk get bigger as he gets mad?

Some artists and writers like Peter David has subtlety alluded so. Stan Lee stated that the Hulk is a permanent 7 feet tall. The Ang Lee Hulk movie visually showed the Hulk getting bigger or smaller with his anger or lack thereof.

What to do when your best friend is getting taking away from you by another friend?

First you wait. Then if its gone to far you talk to your friend, tell her that you feel jealous or something that lets her understand that you don't feel so good about it. Next , if that doesn't work, just don't talk to her. She will soon notice you are not talking that much. And w ( Full Answer )

Does the universe keep on getting bigger?

Yes, the Universe is currently expanding, and it has been found that this expansion is accelerating - in other words, in the future, it will probably expand faster than it is expanding now.

How do you take the redness away after getting eyebrows waxed?

Redness and inflammation are the common causes of eyebrow waxing. This can be reduce by applying aloe Vera gel or tea tree oil, just be careful when applying soothing gel on the affected area as this may drop into the eyes.

Why Mount Everest is getting bigger?

Every year the mountain grows taller by 4mm as a result of the upward thrust generated by two opposing tectonic plates.

Why balloon gets bigger when you blow into it?

Because the air has nowhere else to go, so it goes into the balloon and makes it expand. because when the small balloon is being pressured it causes it to stretches to make space for the air

How do you make your anus gets bigger?

Well it's not supposed to get permanently bigger since you would then become incontinent but you can sue buttplugs before you have anal intercourse. They come in many different sizes.