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There are two possible reasons why you are using up so many pumps. The first is that if you have a stopped up fuel filter this is causing the pumps to burn up. The in tank fuel pumps rely on the fuel going through them to cool them. With a stopped up filter this creates too much pressure with too little flow. The second is the use of after market pumps. I know this sounds crazy but I learned this lesson in the hard way myself. I had a tourist towed into my shop that would run but could not climb a hill. I checked the volume of the pump and found it not in specs. I ordered a pump from my local supplier and put it in. The car would not even start!! After two more pumps with the same results I got a factory pump from the dealer and everything was fine. With regular filter changes you will get your money's worth out of a factory pump. I finally had to replace my wife's pump in her 92 LeBaron at 200,000 miles. That's proof.

I totally agree with the first issue of a stopped up fuel filter. The second cause is not valid. There are many after market companies that have improved the OE pumps. Infact Airtex is the number one fuel pump company in the US and they are mostly aftermarket. Many OE pumps have changed design to the Airtex style because they are simply better. There are several reasons the pumps continues to fail. An easy way to check is by making sure the groud wire has a good connection (no rust or dirt in the way). Also perform a voltage drop test to make sure there are no electrical problems. I thin you can go on WWW.AIRTEXPRODUCTS.COM and there is a ton of diagnostic info for free.

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Q: What gives 1992 Chrysler LeBaron five fuel pumps out in 3 months 3 new last one a used What is the basic problem taking them out?
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