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What gives fish their colours?

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Most fish food will give fish a glowing color.

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Is a rainbow fishes colours rainbow?

Rainbow fishes have sparkly scales and by the light the reflection gives the rainbow fish a beautiful prism.

What colours can fish be?

Fish are usually grey or blue and sometimes brown.

What colors are the feeder fish?

they are different colours

What are uses for fish?

fish cleans the water, gives calcium and gives fish oil

Which fish gives an electric current?

eel fish gives current

Fish with colours at leigh maritime park?

Yes there are.

Do fish turn different colours when they die?


How many colours does a parrot fish have?

42Type your answer here...

Why are clown fish called clown fish?

Clown fish are called clown fish because of the markings of colours. Orange and White.They are clown colours. This also tells a warning.( other marine creatures to stay away).

What gives quartz it many beautiful colours?


What colours then mixed gives orange?

Red and yellow

What colours gives you pink?

add white to red

Why is the study of spectra so important?

It is used to see the colours that it gives off, if you know the colours you then know what atom it is.

Why do parrot fish change colors?

if there angry they change colours

Why are fish different colours?

so they can blend into the different habitats

What are the adaptations of a mandarin fish?

bright colours to blend in with coral

How do you tell the difference between a male or female freshwater fish in a home aquarium?

Depends on the type of fish...AnswerA female Fish has a Longer Tail than males AnswerThe tail and color answers are not true. It depends ENTIRELY on the species of fish. ignore the answers above...male fish are bright colours female fish are duller colours.

Why are some male fish brightly colored?

Colours on fish are often associated with their attractiveness to members of the opposite sex.

What color are female betta fish?

(Siamese fighting fish)Female betta fish, as with the males, can be a wide range of colours, produced by selective breeding.

What gives stars their colours?

Their temperature. Red is the coolest and blue is the hottest.

Why do you have fish?

it gives me gold

How can you tell a Siamese fighting fish a male?

The male of the species has brighter colours and is a much larger fish than the female

What is the difference between the emission colours produced by the alkali metals and calcium?


What gives fish protein?

Fish IS protein, as all meat products are.

An exsample of a personification?

The fish drove the bus to school.Drove gives the fish human characteristics because fish cannot drive cars. :) Because the sentence says the fish can drive, that gives it personification.

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