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What gives the plant food?

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the plants can use carbon dioxide in the air to make food for themselves through photosynthesis

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What is the definition of plant?

plant gives us food and shelter

Does plant food help weed to grow?

Plant food gives nutrients to plants helping it grow, since weeds are plants, yes plant food will help it grow.

What is the role of proteins in a plant?

gives palnts food and nutrients

What is the function of the rhizomatous stem in potato?

it gives the plant food

What gives a plant a energy it needs to make food?


How does the thin leaf shape help a plant function?

it still gives the plant food and water

Why do any plant leaves turn green?

Because of the plant's "food" chlorophyll which gives the plant the green pigment

What special job does each part of the pitcher plant have?

The stem gives the plant water,and the pitchers eat the food!

What gives food to the plant?

soil,sun light,and water this is called photosynthesis

Is molly's plant food bad for human consumption?

Molly plant food is " Not intended for human consumption " but no its not bad for you , they have to put that disclaimer for legal issues , molly plant food when " consumped " has a very similar effect of MDMA it gives you

Does photosynthesis make food for a plant?

Yes it makes food.It gives food for allorganisms

Why is chlorophyll important to the plant cell?

Because without it, the plant won't be able to produce its food(photosynthesis). Chlorophyll traps sunlights and gives the plant its energy.

Do chloroplasts gives plant cell an advantage over animal cells?

Yes of course it gives. Plants have no competition for food or it is minimized.

What does chloropgyll mean?

Chlorophyll is a chemical in the chloroplasts of a plant cell that enables the plant to make it's own food in the leaves of the plant. It also gives the plant it's green color.

What would most likely function of a plant cell that contains many chloroplasts?

Its major purpose isphotosynthesis. So it gives food to plant.

What gives a plant the energy it needs to make food?

Water and soil and sunlight help it makes it's food also none as photosynthsis

Are chloroplasts located in the cells cytoplasm?

yes. chloroplasts hold green pigments called chlorophyll and that makes the plant green and gives the plant its food

What is a symbiotic relationship with ladybugs and plants?

the ladybug eats the aphids so the plant dose not die and get eaten while the plant gives food

What does plant give us?

plants gives us many things they are oxygen,food,furniture,etc.

How do plants use the suns energy to make food?

If the plant is a green plant then it has chlorophyll (which is what makes it green) which uses sunlight's energy to convert carbon dioxide into other organic chemicals, which the plant uses for food. In the process it gives off oxygen.

What is the job of a leaf?

The job of the leaf is to give food to the plant also known as photosynthesis and the plant gives us oxegen to breath or we wouldn't be here with out plants.

What Does The Chloroplast Do For A Cell?

they contain a green substance called chlorophyll, which gives the plant its greencolour. chloroophyll collects light energy which the plant uses to make food

Which three things are needed by the plant to produce food?

A plant needs air, water and sun to produce food, because the sun gives the leaves food using photosynthesis ! they need H2O, CO2 & sunlight.. water, carbon dioxide and sun

What is the function and structure of a chlorplast?

Chloroplast is in the plant cell. It gives the plant its green color. Chloroplast is found in many of the plants cells in the stem and leaf. It is the place where food is produced in plant cells.

What is the food of a plant?

CHROLLOPHYL-is the food of the plant