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What glitchs are in Pokemon Diamond?

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September 13, 2011 11:30AM

When you walk through walls using the action replay, go straight to the Pokemon lab. Rowan will give you a Pokemon that looks like a question mark. A missingno? No you can't battle with it but it's funny!

If you use AR (Action Replay), and have the code to modify Pokemon, this is a glitch that I accidentally discovered. I restarted the game with Turtwig and had the following codes activated: Cherish Ball x999, Shiny Pokemon (the code that makes the WILD Pokemon permanantly shiny), and one-hit kill. I had caught a "wild" Chimchar and Piplup, shiny Dratini, and a shiny Chingling, and went to Professer Rowan. I was working on training Dratini. Anyways, Prof told me how amazed he was that I already evoloved the "Pokemon he gave me", which was the shiny Dratini that I used the AR code for, and HE GAVE ME THE DRATINI!!! Lol, it was so funny... Dratini was the first Pokemon in my party, btw... Lol funny glitch!