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They wanted to get to the Far East.

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Q: What goal did spanish and portuguese explorers share?
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What was the goal of Portuguese explorers?

to get to asia

What was the ultimate goal of the early Portuguese explorers?


What was the main goal of Spanish explorers of north America?

to return home with as much gold as possible

What is Portuguese for 'goal'?

Meta (As I have a goal) Now goal for soccer is (Gol)

What was Samuel de Champlain's goal?

I think his goal was to find goal like most of the explorers

Why did the English French Dutch and Spanish send explorers to the New World?

The English, French, Dutch, and Spanish all had about the same goal for sending explorers to the New World. They wanted new economic opportunities and wanted to find other trade routes then the ones they knew of.

What was the goal of the early Portuguese explores?


What was the religious goal of the early explorers?

to convert everyone possible.

What type of relationship existed between the spanish and native American living in the carribean and south America?

Generally speaking, the Spanish conquistadors and explorers had a primary goal, that goal was to take as much gold and silver from the Native Americans as possible. The relationship between the Spanish colonists and Natives were weighted in favor of the Spanish. This caused a problem for the Natives. Many were killed by the colonists or died from European diseases.

What was the goal of the Portuguese?

They traveled around Africa and toward Inda.

What was the main goal of the Spanish explorers in North America?

It depends: Colombus was looking for spices from india but there was another group that's soul purpose was to find a land to breed horses.

What explorers goal was to lead the first expedition around the world?


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